5 Things You Need to Know About Exercising After 60

By Brendan O'Brien

For your golf game to be in tip-top shape, you need to be in good condition. Golfers need to be flexible, strong and able to withstand the physical riggers of a round. This is true even for the mature player who may feel past their prime and too old to get in the gym and get in shape. If that's the idea, there are a few things you should know about exercising after the age of 60.

It's Safe and Enjoyable

Exercise is safe for those over 60 years old. Exercise can not only make you feel wonderful, but it can help you feel younger, especially on the golf course. Much like golf, exercise can be fun and improve your mood. Studies even show that exercise works as well as antidepressant drugs for those who are severely depressed in some cases.

Get a Physical

See your doctor for a routine physical. This will give you an idea of where you stand physically. Your doctor should be able to tell you exactly what you can and can not do physically. This is very important if you have pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.

Aerobic Exercise Is Essential

The basis to most exercise for those over 60 is aerobic. This means exercise that will get you breathing deeply and your heart rate to increase. The result of aerobic exercise is oxygen moving throughout your organs, lungs and muscles. These exercises include walking, jogging, swimming and playing tennis. Instead of taking a cart, golfers can get an aerobic workout by walking the course.

Don't Forget About Weight Training

Weight training for those over the age of 60 can reduce body fat, increase endurance and increase flexibility and strength. Simple exercises with a set of barbells three or four times a week can be an ideal compliment to your aerobic routine. Lifting weights can also improve your golf game by giving you a little bit more muscle behind your drives.

Take Precautions

Whether you are young or old, one of the keys to exercise is getting enough fluids. This means drinking plenty of water before, during and after exercise. Another precaution that those over 60 should follow is not to exercise when temperatures are high or when the air quality is not good. Anyone who exercises should stretch out before their workout and stretch down afterward.

About The Author

Brendan O'Brien is a professional journalist in Milwaukee, Wis. He has worked for several news organizations, newspapers such as the "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" and trade magazines during his 15-year career. He is currently a freelance writer who works for several publications.


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