Tips on Maintaining Fitness

By Isaiah David

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Maintaining fitness requires a substantial commitment to healthy living. With all of the daily obligations most of us have to deal with, staying in shape can be a real challenge. Between work and family obligations, just making time for weekly golf games can be a challenge, and getting to the gym can be near impossible. If you want to maintain your fitness, you have to make it a daily part of your life even when you have a hundred other things competing for your attention.

Eat Right

No matter how much you work out, you won't be able to keep your body in good condition unless you eat a balanced diet.Fruits, vegetables and whole grains should make up the majority. When you do eat meat, favor lean options like chicken or fish. Snacking is OK, but avoid fatty, processed foods and snack on fruits and veggies. It is also important to take the right approach to eating. Eat slowly while sitting down instead of stuffing your face on the go. It takes time for your stomach to send a signal telling your brain it is full. If you slow it down, you'll give your belly more time, making you less likely to overeat.

Integrate Fitness Into Your Routine

Find ways to get a little exercise while you go about your daily routine. Walk or jog places instead of driving, or try biking to work once a week. Take the time to notice fitness opportunities you haven't taken advantage of. If your golf club has a weight room, you can save time by working out after a game instead of driving to a gym.

Find Motivation

Figure out what motivates you, and use it to keep your exercise and fitness program on track. Some people find inspiration in other people, and get their best workouts with a partner or as part of an exercise class. Others are inspired by training for marathons and other fitness events. Some fitness enthusiasts bribe themselves to stay with the workout. Whatever gets you pumped, find it and use it to stay fit and healthy.

Resistance Exercises

Don't neglect golf resistance exercises. Adding exercise specifically designed for golfers to your routine will improve your swing and help you avoid injuries. Many golfers use resistance bands as part of their routine--they're portable and easy to work with. One excellent golf resistance band exercise is to place one end of the band beneath your left foot and hold the other in your right hand. Set your body as if you're preparing to swing, then move in a controlled motion into your backswing. Hold the position for about five seconds, then move smoothly back to your beginning position. Repeat this exercise five times or more, then switch position and do it on the other side. For more golf resistance exercises, see Resources.

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