Golf Cart Repair FAQ

By Chris Joseph

One sure way to take some of the fun out of a golf outing is to experience problems with your golf cart. The last thing you want is to be left sitting on the fairway somewhere on the back nine, or worse, not being able to stop when going down a steep hill. While a variety of problems can occur with both gas and electric carts, there are some that are fairly common.

How Do I Get More Power From My Electric Cart?

With electric golf carts, a common complaint is that they don't go fast enough or that they have problems climbing hills. To improve the speed, you can switch to a motor that offers higher rpm, a gear ratio of at least 6:1 or increased voltage. For better hill-climbing ability, you should upgrade your amp controller to one that provides at least 400 amps.

Why Are Brakes Making Noise?

This could be the result of worn brake shoes, which often is caused by adjusting the brakes by tightening the brake cables. This causes the lining of the brake shoe to wear out at the very bottom instead of along the whole length of the shoe. If not repaired, this will eventually lead to damage to the brake drum.

My Cart's Windsheld Is Scratched. How Could I Have Prevented This?

Scratching is likely caused by improper cleaning methods. To clean your windshield, you should use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth, not potentially abrasive items like paper towels. If your windshield becomes covered with insects, do not use bug spray as this can also damage the windshield. If your windshield becomes scratched to the point where visibility is a problem, the only alternative is to replace it.

Why Isn't My Gas Cart's Carburetor Getting Enough Fuel?

One possibility could be your fuel pump. To test it, remove the hose that runs from the carburetor to the pump, then place the transmission in neutral. If no gas is pumped out, either the fuel pump is not functioning properly or the fuel line is clogged.


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