Golf Sandals for Women

By Steve Silverman

woman golfing in sandals
Golf sandals are an outstanding and relatively new innovation that golfers can take advantage of in the heat of summer. Instead of wearing heavy golf shoes that tend to slow a golfer down on the back 9 on a hot and humid day, golfers can wear sandals that provide many of the benefits of golf shoes and are substantially cooler.

Dunlop Leather Sandal

The Dunlop 1900 leather sandal is an outstanding shoe for golfers who want support and a shoe that looks good. In addition to cushion-support soles, the sandal has leather uppers and three cushioned straps that support the foot.
(2009 average price: $39.95)

FootJoy Green Joys

The Green Joys have outstanding support and a sponge rubber insole. They have two straps for support on the upper and pulsar plastic cleats on the soles. These cleats can be easily removed and changed.
(2009 average price: $69.95)

Gulfstream Exotic

These shoes can be worn on the golf course or off because they are fashionable. They have soft rubber bottoms so you can wear these shoes anywhere. The Gulfstream Exotic has a spongy footbed that molds to the foot.
(2009 average price: $94.99)

About the Author

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