Golf Grip Tutorial

By alk2310

Interlocking Grip
The golf swing is made up of many parts. If just one part is off, the golfer's swing can be negatively affected. The first thing any golfer needs to be aware of is placing his hands in the proper grip before attempting a shot. He can do everything else correctly, but if the grip is off, the swing will suffer.

Interlocking Golf Grip

Interlock your top hand's index finger with your bottom hand's pinkie. This is done to ensure that there is no unnecessary movement during your swing. You can use this same grip and choke up on the club to give yourself better control.

Vardon Grip

The Vardon Grip is the most frequently used golf grip, and the one commonly considered to be the most comfortable. Start by using the same positioning as the interlocking grip. But in place of interlocking your index and pinkie fingers, simply overlap the bottom hand's pinkie in the space between your top hand's index and middle fingers.

Ten Finger Grip

The 10-finger grip, commonly referred to as the baseball grip or hammer grip, is the simplest way to hold a golf club. Place your hands on the club as if you were gripping a baseball bat. Have the index finger of your top hand and the pinkie finger of your bottom hand placed so they are flush together but not interlocking. This grip is best for beginners who may feel uncomfortable with interlocking their fingers. In addition, seniors or player who have a problem with arthritis can use this grip to alleviate the pain in their joints that would come with an interlocking grip.

Golf Grip to Cure Slicing

Slicing the ball is one of the most common problems with a golf swing. You can try to correct this problem in many ways, but the easiest solutions starts with the grip. Begin with the interlocking grip shown in section 1. Next, flatten your bottom wrist slightly so if you are looking straight down the club's shaft, you are able to see your bottom hand's first two knuckles. Using this grip will help the club face stay squared through your backswing and follow-through.

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