Types of Knee Injuries

By Chad Buleen

Although there are several ways that a knee can be injured, golfers may find that knee injuries often come about when they do something careless--like step in a dip or lose their footing in a sand trap. Likewise, sometimes a golfer can tweak his knee when striking the ball if his feet are not positioned correctly or if his golf shoes dig in and don't allow his leg to have its proper range of motion.

ACL Injuries

Most anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries occur when playing sports. Although basketball players, soccer players and football players are more likely to have this injury than golfers, this does not mean that golfers cannot experience it. This injury often occurs when a player cuts or pivots with his foot planted and overextends his knee. These injuries can occur to golfers whose golf shoes get stuck when swinging. If you experience this injury, you may hear a pop, feel immediate pain and/or see swelling around the knee. The knee is often not able to support your weight directly after this injury occurs.

Torn Meniscus

A torn meniscus affects the cartilage in your knee. Activities that require you to twist or rotate your knee--such as swinging a golf club--can lead to a torn meniscus. In some cases, resting the knee, icing it and taking medication can be all you need to heal the knee. However, there are more serious meniscus tears that require surgery. The risk of tearing your meniscus increases as you get older because of the natural wear it experiences during the course of a lifetime.


Although bursitis is not typically a result of golfing, it is definitely possible for golfers to struggle with this injury. Any kind of activity that puts pressure on the knees--such as gardening or scrubbing a floor--could increase the likelihood of bursitis. Similarly, if you are accidentally hit in the knee by a golf ball or golf club, the bursae around the kneecap could become inflamed. Overweight people with arthritis are prone to developing bursitis in the knee.

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