Homemade Mini Golf

By Chris Joseph

Homemade mini-golf can be a great idea for a special occasion, such as a child's birthday party. It is less expensive than taking a group of kids out to a mini-golf course, and a course can be created relatively easily, with just a little imagination and some items commonly found around the house. Kids can even get involved in the process by helping to lay out the course and collecting objects that make up the course.

Playing Surface and Equipment

Virtually any flat surface can be converted into a mini-golf course, such as a backyard, empty lot or even a basement floor. The larger the surface area, the more holes you can create and the more options you have for your layout. If golf balls and putters are not available, you can substitute with tennis balls, baseball bats or long cardboard tubes.


Use your imagination when laying out the course. Vary the length of the holes, and include obstacles and hazards that are challenging but not overly difficult. Be sure to clearly mark and number the holes for easy navigation.


Many household objects can be used to create hazards and obstacles. Gallon jugs with the tops and bottoms cut off can be used for tunnels, and cat litter can be used to build sand traps. A board placed on a brick or cinder block can create a ramp. Shoes can be placed near holes to create putting obstacles, and placing a hole on a slightly hilly section of a yard can also make things more challenging.


Household items can be used to create holes. For an example, a coffee cup placed on its side works well. If only plastic cups are available, you can secure them in place by placing heavy objects like rocks beside them. Other items that can be used include buckets, a milk carton with the top open or cut off, or a small waste basket.


When playing the game, the rules of typical mini-golf can be followed, or you can create your own. For example, if playing on a course with limited space and few holes, you can move the hole to different spots to keep things interesting. You can also choose teams and play for prizes.


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