Shoulder Stretch Exercises

By S.F. Heron

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Your shoulder helps give power to your golf swing and follow-through. Shoulders can suffer common repetitive motion injuries including strains and sprains of muscles, ligaments and tendons. Proper preparation before your game can help prevent these injuries. In addition, an exercise plan that features shoulder-strengthening activities such as weight lifting may improve your game. Combine stretching and strength training exercises to prevent injuries and improve your swing strength.


Stand or sit comfortably with a straight back. Don't arch but try to align your upper body from neck to hips with the head facing forward. Relax the shoulders then lift both shoulders up near the ears. Hold for 5 seconds and release. Complete 10 shoulder shrugs.

Shoulder Circles

Assume the same position as a shoulder shrug, either standing or sitting. Inhale and lift both shoulders up and backward in a circular motion. Complete 10 to 20 backward circles to stretch the shoulders.

Door Jamb/Wall Stretch

This stretch flexes the biceps tendon that connects the upper arm with the shoulder. The biceps tendon aids forceful movement such as throwing or swinging. Stand in a doorway, at arm's length from a jamb; or stand near a blank wall. Extend your right arm parallel to the floor and touch the jamb or wall with your fingertips. Step forward slightly while continuing to touch the wall or jamb in the same spot. This stretch basically extends the arm backward and parallel to the floor gradually. When you reach the point of maximum extension, hold for a 5 count and release. Complete 5 times on each side.

Overhead Arm Stretch

Sit or stand with a straight back and lift one arm directly over your head. Bend the elbow and place the palm of your hand against the back of the neck. Reach up with the other arm and place your hand on the bent elbow. Pull gently, while reaching farther down the neck to the upper back. Hold for a 5 count and release. Repeat 3 times with each arm.

Crossed Arm Stretch

Stand or sit straight with correct posture. Extend your right arm forward, parallel to the floor and across the front of your body. Reach beneath the right arm with your left hand and grasp above the elbow. Gently pull the right arm into a stretch. Hold for a 5 count and release. Repeat 5 times for each arm. Another variation involves placing your right hand on your left shoulder. Grasp the right elbow with the left hand and gently pull into a 5-count stretch for 5 repetitions on each arm.

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