Exercise for Achilles & Calf Injuries

By Michael Hinckley

With all the walking, swinging and standing, it is not uncommon for a golfer to experience injuries to his calf and Achilles tendon. Most such injuries are the result of over-exertion or repetitive stress and can be very painful. But with a little advice and patience, there is no reason you can not heal yourself with some simple exercises intended to strengthen your calf and Achilles tendon and be back on the course in a few days' time.

Medical Advice

Seek medical attention. Find a doctor who specializes in sports medicine before engaging in any sports-related injury treatment, even exercises. These professionals can monitor your recovery and guide you along your path to recovery. Also, if during your recovery, you suffer a re-injury or your condition worsens, your doctor will know what course of action to take.

Warm Up

Warm up with low-impact aerobics. Walking or cycling slowly will get the blood flowing to your calf and lower leg. This is important as it softens up your muscles and prepares your tendons for more strenuous activity. Failing to warm up may hamper your progress or even aggravate your injury.


Stretch your calf and Achilles. Stand with both feet together and raise up on your toes. Hold for five seconds and then slowly lower back down. Repeat 10 times to stretch both your calf muscle and your Achilles tendon.

To further stretch your Achilles tendon, sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Place a towel across your toes and hold the ends in both hands. Pull gently until you feel tension. Hold for five seconds and slowly release. Repeat 10 times.


Strengthen your muscles. Similar to the stretching exercise in Section 3, stand with both feet together. Place dumbbells or a lightly-weighted barbell in your hands and stand on your toes. Repeat 10 times. More weight can be added as your recovery progresses.

Place a strength resistance band across your toes and hold each end in your hands (similar to the stretching exercise, but replacing the towel). Extend your toes forward slowly and return with a smooth, continuous motion. Repeat 10 times. Stronger bands can be substituted as your recovery progresses.

About The Author

Michael Hinckley received a Bachelor of Arts degree in US history from the University of Cincinnati, a Master of Arts degree in Middle East history from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Hinckley is conversant in Arabic, and is a part-time lecturer at two Midwestern universities.


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