Power Golf Swing Tutorial

By Steve Silverman

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After you have learned how to hit the ball with some accuracy and are fairly consistent with your execution, you may want to try to get more distance from your shots. For the majority of golfers, accuracy should be the top priority, But a little extra power and yardage can't hurt.

Change your address

If you're right-handed, stand over the ball with your left shoulder facing the target and your left foot directly below your left shoulder. In most situations, play the ball midway between your feet. For more power, point your left foot at the target at a little less than a 45-degree angle and play the ball a little closer to your front foot. Angling your foot helps you get through the hitting zone more quickly. Playing the ball closer to your front foot will get the ball up higher and quicker.

Power lean

This is one of the little "secrets" many pros know, but most golfers don't understand. As you stand over your ball on the tee, tilt your upper body toward the back of the tee box. The tilt may be imperceptible to your playing partners, but you will feel it. This is called the power lean. It will help swing through the ball with more speed than usual.

Right-hand snap

The right-hand snap may be the biggest key to getting more distance on your shots. Your left-hand should take the lead in your swing; it's vital to the backswing and the downswing. But as you make impact with the ball, concentrate on driving through with your right hand and snapping your wrist. The snap will produce more backspin and make the ball fly higher and on course.

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