Shoulder Rotation Exercise

By Chad Buleen

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In order to golf effectively, your shoulders must have their full range of motion. This is especially important during your follow-through. Certain exercises can be done off of the golf course that will strengthen your shoulders and make them more flexible so that they will rotate more easily when you swing.

Circular Pendulum

Bend over parallel to a the side of a table so that your back is nearly horizontal with the floor. Place your hand nearest to the table on the table for support. Let your other arm simply hang loosely underneath you. Move your body in a circular motion so that your arm swings in circles. Let the arm swing clockwise 10 times and then counterclockwise another 10 times. Do this three times a day.

Shoulder Flexion

Sit in a chair or lie on the floor on your back. Grasp your right hand with your left hand and lift both arms straight above your head. Keep your elbows rigid. Repeat the arm-lifting motion 10 to 20 times. Do this three times each day.

Supported Shoulder Rotation

Sit in a chair next to a table. Rest your forearm on the table next to you. Slide your forearm back and forth on the table, but do not move the location of your elbow. Repeat this movement 10 times with each arm three times per day.

Internal Shoulder Rotation

Reach your hand behind your back as if you were reaching for an itch you want to scratch. Reach all the way to the opposite side. Do this 10 times with each arm three times a day.

Active Shoulder Rotation

Put your left arm down at your side and swing it upward toward the ceiling, keeping your elbow locked as the arm raises. Once your arm is straight above your head, hold this pose for 10 seconds. Repeat three times with each arm and do three sessions each day.

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