Symptoms of Muscle Injuries

By Patrick Cameron

Muscle injury, or what is more commonly known as muscle strain but can be referred to as a muscle pull or tear, is a relatively frequent occurrence for those who participate in sporting activities like golf. Typically, muscle injury is caused by movement that results in a tearing of the muscle fiber, muscle tendons or both. Most muscle injuries are minor in nature and heal with in a matter of weeks with proper rest icing. To dull pain, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium or aspirin should be taken as often as is recommended on the manufacturer packaging. There are a number of symptoms associated with muscle injury.


Because muscles tears are most common when the muscle is extended, pain can be almost instantaneous. The pain will generally be localized to the spot where the injury has occurred. Pain may continue even after you stop using the muscle but it should be less severe. Further motion in the muscle area will result in pain with movement. The area will quite often be painful to touch as well.

Bleeding and Swelling

If there was trauma involved in the muscle injury, you could have surface cuts. Because a muscle strain can be severe, there is often inflammation associated with the injury. Sometimes, along with the tearing of muscle fiber and tendon, blood vessels can be torn, which can result in localized bleeding in the area. It can show up as redness or as a bloody bruise in the area of the muscle.


With a muscle injury, you will most likely experience some weakness in the affected area. If the injury is severe, you might not be able to move the damaged muscle at all. The best thing to do is, if the injury doesn't appear too be excessively swollen or bruised, give it 24 hours to heal. If conditions haven't improved, consult your physician for what to do next.

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