Smart Shopping For Golf Shoes

By Steve Silverman

golfer strikes ball
Shopping for golf shoes is not a complicated task. Don't worry about brand or cost--at least not at first. The most important thing for all golfers concerning their shoes is comfort. If a salesperson tries to tell you that you will be able to work through the tightness once you wear them a while, don't believe it. Golf shoes should fit like a glove from the start, and if they don't, you should not buy them.

Get Measured Properly

Comfort is the No. 1 factor, so it is vital to know exactly what your size is. It is also important because certain brands will run big and others will run small. If you tell the pro at the golf shop your exact size, he may bring you shoes that are a half size smaller or larger, depending on the manufacturer. But, again, the final determinant is comfort.

Leather Uppers

Having shoes that are soft and pliable is a must. You are going to be walking 4 to 6 miles per round, and many of these tours will be in the heat of summer. Having shoes that are soft and made of leather will make the shoes much more comfortable and will help you play your best game from the first hole to the last.

Neutral Colors

Unless you want to make a garish fashion statement, keep in mind the colors of clothes you wear most of the time and keep your shoes' color neutral so they don't clash. Loud and colorful shoes remind golfers of the footwear a clown would wear, and your playing partners won't hesitate to tell you what they think.

Making Your Purchase

Go to your local pro shop and tell the pro exactly what you want in a golf shoe, and ask whether the store has recommendations that meet those specifications. Once you have the brand--Foot-Joy is one of the top golf-shoe manufacturers--go to a golf discount store such as Nevada Bob's Golf to make your purchase. A golf discount store will give you the best price. You can also purchase online at, or

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