Best Halfway Snacks for Golfers

By Mike Pile

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Walking nearly 5 miles and swinging a club hundreds of times takes energy. Here are some great ways to keep your body fueled up for the turn.

Keep Hydrated

Let's face it, golf is not exactly a strenuous aerobic workout but it is, nonetheless, exercise. So it is important to keep hydrated throughout the round. Stash a water bottle in your bag and sip frequently. Keeping your body adequately hydrated prevents cramps, headaches, lightheadedness and other minor ailments that can distract you from your game.


Some nutritionists claim the banana could be nature's most perfect food. Filled with vitamins and minerals, they could be right. But what a banana delivers best is potassium and potassium keeps muscle cramps at bay. And since it comes in its own packaging, it is clean and easy to eat.

Salty Snacks

Replenishing your body's natural salt levels is vital on hot muggy days, especially when you are sweating bullets over slippery four-footers. A bag of salted nuts is a high protein, low trans-fat great tasting snack.

Energy Bars

Everything you need to keep you going through 18 holes and beyond is packed into these convenient to carry and easy to nosh bundles of energy. Energy bars are filled with protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals to keep you from bonking in the late stages. Today's bars come in a wide variety of great tasting flavors and textures.

Some Things to Avoid

Sweets and candy, while providing an initial burst of energy, will wear off by the next hole and leave you more fatigued. Alcohol may loosen your swing in the short term, but ultimately its depressing effects will leave you tired and unfocused.

About the Author

Mike Pile is a professional golf writer. Pile has been writing for 11 years with work appearing in Golfing Magazine, Solar Industry, North American Clean Energy, Electrical Construction and Maintenance, and GolfLink among others. He holds an MBA from the University of St.Thomas.