The Best Shoulder Exercises

By Chad Buleen

Although nothing could sound better at the beginning of a day than a couple of rounds of golf, by the end of the day there is a good chance that your shoulders, as well as other body parts, could be in some pain. Thankfully, there are some exercises you can do to build muscle strength and decrease the severity of golf-related shoulder injuries.

Upright Row

Stand straight with your feet about shoulder-width apart and grab the center of a barbell with your palms face down. Lift the barbells toward your chin and slowly lower them back down. Your back should stay straight and your knees should be relaxed.


Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands while your feet are shoulder-width apart. Place your arms to your side, with your palms facing inward. Focus on keeping your torso strong. Shrug your shoulders toward your ears, then lower your shoulders.

Bent-over Lateral Raise

With your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a dumbbell in each hand and bend at the waist. Your upper body should be nearly parallel to the floor, and your arms should hang below your body with the palms facing each other. Raise your arms and hands in front of you so that there is a straight line extending above your head from your shoulders. Hold this position for a moment and then softly lower the dumbbells.

Lateral Raise

Place a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Relax your arms by your side, but do not lose the grip on the dumbbells. Use your shoulder muscles to facilitate the movement of your arms upward and outward until they reach the same level as your shoulders. Your torso should remain still during this exercise. All the lifting should be done by the arms.


Not only do push-ups increase shoulder strength, but they also are effective at strengthening the chest, abs and back. For best results, point your fingers outward at a 45-degree angle when doing this exercise. Imagine you have a board on your back, and focus on keeping your back straight.

About The Author

Chad Buleen is a Society of Professional Journalists-award winning newspaper and magazine writer and editor with more than 10 years' experience. He has been published in "Utah Spirit," "Charleston Gazette," "Idaho Falls Post Register" and numerous other publications. Buleen holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications with an emphasis in print journalism from Brigham Young University-Idaho.


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