Best Ways to Stretch Your Forearms

By Mike Pile

Golfer's elbow is a very real ailment. Prevent it with these simple stretches.

Stretch #1

With your arm in front of you about shoulder height, palm down, let your hand hang down naturally. With the opposite hand gently press down and towards yourself on the back of the fingers to stretch the top muscles on your forearm. You should feel a gentle pull along forearm from the wrist to the elbow. Do this for 20 seconds, three times on each arm.

Stretch #2

After completing the exercise above, stretch the muscles underneath your forearm by pointing your fingers upward and with the opposite hand push them back towards yourself. Press and hold this for 20 seconds, three times on each arm. With this exercise you should feel a slight stretching of the muscles underneath your forearm.

Stretch #3

Grab a 1 to 3 lb. hand-weight and sit down on a chair or bench so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Grasp the weight and lay your forearm palm down on your thigh with your wrist on your knee so that you can flex your hand up and down. Lift the weight slowly and rhythmically ten repetitions for three sets with each arm.

Stretch #4

Remain as in stretch #3, only rotate your arm so your palm is facing up. Curl the weight up slowly and evenly ten repetitions for three sets with each arm.

Stretch #5

Clasp a hammer, a pipe wrench or other object with an elongated handle and a weighted end by its handle. With your forearm parallel to the ground (sitting or standing) hold the object perpendicular to the ground. Now slowly rotate the object left to right and back again so that it reaches parallel to the floor. Repeat this ten times with three sets on each arm.

About The Author

Mike Pile is a professional golf writer. Pile has been writing for 11 years with work appearing in Golfing Magazine, Solar Industry, North American Clean Energy, Electrical Construction and Maintenance, and GolfLink among others. He holds an MBA from the University of St.Thomas.


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