About Driver Head Covers

By Patrick Foley

Driver-head covers have become common for all golfers and are a simple protective cover that has now become more of a fashion staple. Driver-head covers come in a wide variety of styles, from simple designs to covers that look like the heads of animals. Head covers have a practical purpose but are also a component of style, and many golfers are very meticulous in what they choose.

Pratical Use

Driver-head covers protect clubs from the elements. Inside a cover, the club head will not be as affected by moisture, increasing the club's life. Covers also protect driver heads from getting scuffed or nicked during transportation. By preventing damage, driver-head covers can save a lot of money in the long run.


In golf, driver-head covers have become a fashion staple, and some golfers are willing to shell out quite a bit of money for the more stylish covers. There are personalized covers with names, covers that look like animals, and then the typical brand-name covers.

Choosing a Cover

Pick something that you enjoy and are comfortable with. If it adds any form of confidence or makes you more comfortable with your game, use it. Driver-head covers have become their own market and are an important facet of golf equipment.

About The Author

Patrick Foley is a writer from Phoenix, AZ. He is a sports fanatic and loves football, golf, and track. He has been writing for Golf Link for almost a year. He is a college football player at the University of Pennsylvania. He is enrolled in the Wharton Business School.He has have a wide set of skills in writing and marketing.

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