Lower Back Stretches for Golfers

By Patrick Foley

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The lower back is an area of pain and achiness for many golfers. Constant twisting and turning of the muscles causes stress on the area, requiring special attention to avoid injury. A few simple stretches can loosen your lower back and keep you swinging freely and comfortably.

Leg Tuck

While lying on the ground, tuck one knee into your chest and pull it to your breast. You will feel this stretch in the lower back and it will help to loosen up the entire back. Switch legs after 20 seconds.

Double Leg Tuck

Much like the first exercise, while lying down, bring both of your knees to your chest instead and hold. Hold this exercise for 20 seconds to help with flexibility. Repeat.

Back Rotations

While sitting up with your legs extended, bring one leg up over the other and put your foot on the ground up above your knee. Then bring the opposite arm over the knee and push softly, rotating your torso and stretching out the back. Do this stretch for two sets of 20 seconds on both sides.

Childs Pose

This is a simple yoga move where you get down on all fours then allow your butt to fall back toward your ankles. Bring your head to the floor and reach your arms out on the floor as far as you can away from you. This will create an intense stretch that will open up the lower back. Hold for 20 second and repeat.

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