Golf Pride Multicompound Putter Grip

By J.D. Chi

Golf Pride has developed a hybrid putter grip that combines control with feel. The grip looks a little funky--it is corded at the top and rubberized at the bottom--but since its 2009 introduction, player reviews have been positive. The grips are more expensive than standard grips and prices begin at about $7.50 each. A similar grip for irons and woods was released earlier to excellent reviews.


The top half of the grip is made of Golf Pride's patented "Velvet Cord" and provides good control when putting. The corded area is where the golfer holds the putter with his top hand. The grip, designed for use in any weather, keeps moisture away from the hands in wet or humid conditions.


The bottom half of the grip is made of molded rubber, which is found on other Golf Pride grips. This half of the grip is where the golfer holds holds the putter with his bottom hand. This part, the softer area, is designed to give the golfer more feel and allow his ball to be more responsive on the green.

Total Package

The grip looks a little funky because it is not only corded at the top and molded rubber at the bottom, it is two-tone in color. The grip comes in a spectrum of eight colors, including red, pink, orange and blue. The most mainstream color is white. The corded half of the grip is solid black; the rubber part can be any of a number of colors.


The grip comes in two sizes: regular and midsize. Both have a core size of 60, but the midsize weighs 59 grams and the regular weighs 46.5 grams. For golfers who need an even larger diameter grip, one can be augmented by a club-fitting professional.


About The Author

J.D. Chi is a professional journalist who has covered sports for more than 20 years at newspapers all over the United States. She has covered major golf tournaments and the NFL as well as travel and health topics. Chi received her Bachelor of Arts in professional writing from Carnegie Mellon University and is working toward a master's degree in journalism.

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