Smart Shopping for a Nine-Iron

By Steve Silverman

The nine-iron is one of the most versatile clubs in your golf bag. It is used primarily for pitching when the golfer is 100 to 130 yards from the green. However, a golfer can use his nine-iron from any distance inside 130 yards in order to reach the green. It can also be used when the ball is in deep rough because the weight at the bottom of the club will help you dig the ball out of trouble.

Cavity Back Nine-Iron

This is the nine-iron used by the majority of golfers. The cavity back club scoops out much of the excess weight in the club and distributes it through the primary hitting areas on the face of the club. This is ideal for all beginners and high-handicap golfers. It is also excellent for upper-echelon golfers who don't want to use a club that carries excess weight.

Muscle Back Nine-Iron

This club is for low-handicap players and others who consider themselves versatile shot makers. While the cavity back club may be lighter than the muscle back, the muscle back can be used with greater ease if the golfer wants to chip with his nine-iron and not just pitch. By closing the angle on the nine-iron, a golfer can play a bump and run from anywhere up to 70 yards and put it on the green.

At the Driving Range

Try out both the cavity back and the muscle back at the driving range. They should have several to choose from and you can determine which one you like better. You do not have to go on an expert's recommendation. By trying it at the driving range, you can make your own determination on which club is best for your game.

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