Best Ways To Stretch Your Hips

By Patrick Foley

The hips are an intricate set of muscles intertwined with lower-back and upper-leg muscles. Isolating the area for a stretch is extremely difficult, but there are a handful of stretches that will help to loosen the hips. These exercises are simple and extremely beneficial. Though it may seem that other muscles are being stretched at the same time, the hips are being stretched and loosened.

Hip Flexors

In this simple stretch, you will go into a lunge position and allow your back knee to rest on the ground. Then you will push the front knee forward. Keep strong posture with the chest up and allow for the stretch to be felt in the hip flexor and on the groin. Hold this stretch for 20 seconds on each side.


Lie on your back, and bring one leg up and then over the other. It will look as if you have one leg straight and the one leg over the top of it to the side. Keep your back on the floor, and allow the stretch to be felt in the outer hip and along the IT band. Don't let your shoulder blades come off of the ground. This will increase lateral movement abilities and lower stiffness. Hold for 20 seconds on each leg.


For this stretch, you will need a partner. First, you must lie on an elevated surface and bring one leg into the chest. At the same time, leave the other leg down at rest and have your partner lightly push down on this leg. This stretch will be extremely intense, and there will be no need for a heavy amount of pressure. Allow the natural stretch to take place and a little increased pressure from your partner. Switch legs and repeat. Hold for 20 seconds.

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