About Golf Swings

By Glenn Mcanally

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We are all built differently, and our physiology determines the type of golf swing that works best for us. PGA Tour professionals come in all shapes and sizes and although they all follow the basic principles, you will notice subtle nuances between each of their swing styles. You can benefit from knowing the key characteristics of a golfer's swing, how they differ among golfers and how to determine what characteristics your swing should possess.


You will notice a difference in tempo among golfers. Tempo is the speed of a backswing and downswing. Physically larger golfers tend to have a slower tempo because their size naturally creates a larger swing arc and subsequently more club-head speed. Experiment with different tempos to see which type gives you the greatest accuracy of shots.


The length of the backswing varies among golfers. Most PGA Tour professionals tend to have a full backswing. That means when they bring their club back, it is parallel to the ground. John Daly has one of the longest backswings; it looks like he touches his club to the ground on the backswing. You can generate more speed with a long backswing, but you can sacrifice control.


Lag is another aspect to the swing that all golfers must create. The extent of lag will vary among golfers. Lag is the angle you create between your left arm and the club shaft during the downswing. The smaller the angle, the greater the leverage you will have. Think of your wrists as a lever or simple machine--you trade force for distance. The more distance you have, the more time you have to build up club-head speed. This depends on how flexible your wrists are. If you are a golfer who can't create a lot of lag, you can try to compensate with a longer backswing and more tightly coiled torso.

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Glenn McAnally is a thriller novelist and life long golfer who lives in Southern California. His most recent work is the action thriller Endangered as well as a story credit for the upcoming Nintendo DS title Elite Forces: Unit 77. He is a graduate of Villanova University.