The Best Golf GPS Apps for the iPhone

By Marc Jenkins

Since the iPhone was introduced to the world, it has rapidly become one of the most popular phones in circulation and as well as being one of the most equipped. There are thousands of apps that can be installed on the iPhone and golf GPS apps are some of the more popular ones being downloaded.

GolfLink Game Tracker & GPS

Developed by the creators of this Web site, GolfLink Game Tracker & GPS is a range-finder, scorecard and game analysis tool. With more than 18,000 courses in the database, Game Tracker can pinpoint your location on the golf course, provide distance not only from the tee but also the distance remaining to the green. At $14.99, the iPhone app also features scorekeeping functionality for up to four players and the ability to email your scorecards. In addition, you can synch up with the GolfLink online system for deeper data analysis. The app is also available with the iPod Touch and the iPad.

Golf Card

The Golf Card is one of the best golf GPS apps for the iPhone--it has received high praise from both CNN and Time. This golf GPS app can do it all; calculate the distance from the ball to the hole, warn users of course hazards, allow users to see how far they hit the ball, and it records and saves round scores. The Golf Card has over 23,000 courses worldwide in its database The Golf Card only requires 2.2MB of memory and is just $7.99 to download on your iPhone.

ViewTi Golf

The ViewTI Golf allows users to measure the distance between any two points on the course as well as alerts them of any hazards to avoid. There is also a scorecard feature that allows golfers to record their scores. There are over 17,000 golf courses worldwide in its database. One of the coolest features is the fact that the ViewTi Golf gives users driving directions to any of the courses in its database from wherever they are. The ViewTi Golf can be downloaded to an iPhone for $24.99.

AirVue Golf V1.2

The AirVue Golf V1.2 is another one of the best golf GPS apps for the iPhone. The AirVue Golf V1.2 provides satellite-produced images of everything on the course and has color-coded markers to let users know the different surfaces and hazards that lie ahead. There is also a scorecard feature that allows users to keep score right on their iPhone during a round of play, which can also be emailed to friends or opponents. There are over 16,000 golf courses in its database and it also provides directions to those courses. The AirVue Golf V1.2 is available to download for an iPhone for $24.99.

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