Golf Tips on Putting From The Rough

By Marc Jenkins

Putting is without doubt one of the most important and difficult aspects in the game of golf. Bad putting can result in terrible scores at the completion of play. Some of the most challenging putts come when the ball rolls into the rough on the previous shot. The thickness and height of the grass in the rough makes putts extremely complicated because it is tough to get your club or putter through the terrain without compromising your shot.

Use a Driver

The first tip for putting from the rough is to simply use a driver instead of your traditional putter. The larger club head of a driver will allow you to fight through the thick, high grass easier and be able to putt the ball with both more power and accuracy. Once you become comfortable with taking such short shots with such a large club, you will find it successful most of the time.

Chip Shot Approach

Another tip for putting from the rough is to approach and play the situation as if it were a chip shot but using your putter. Lower your left shoulder (right shoulder if you are left-handed), place the majority of your weight on your left foot (right foot if you are left-handed), then stoke down and follow through well so you can receive a minimal amount of ball loft but with enough power so the ball can get close to the cup.

Cross-Handed Putting Grip

The best method ofr putting from the rough is to use the cross-handed putting grip. Place your right hand (left hand if you are left-handed) at the top of the grip, with your thumb resting over the top with your left hand (right hand if you are left-handed) right underneath it with your right thumb inside your left palm (both hands should be together). This putting grip method will keep your wrists straight and will allow you to slice through the rough and gently lift the ball out of it. Using the cross-handed putting grip with a chip shot approach should help you be comfortable putting from the rough.

About The Author

Marc Jenkins has been writing since 2008. His work has appeared in numerous online publications, and he is also co-host of the Double Play Sports Hour, a sports talk radio show on WBCR 1090AM in New York City. He studied English and mass communications at Virginia State University.


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