The Best Golf Clubs for the Money

By Marc Jenkins

Golf clubs can be very expensive, and in order to get the best club constructed in the best fashion with the best materials and components, you have to spend top dollar. However, if you know what is important in a club and what isn't, you can find a good deal.

Callaway X Fairway Wood

The Callaway X Fairway Wood is one of the best golf clubs for the money. The construction of the body, crown and face are all completed with stainless steel, while there are two metal options for the shaft. The first option is made of graphite and is available in senior, regular and stiff flexes, while the second option is made of steel and is available in senior, regular, stiff and uniflex. The X Fairway Wood contains Callaway's UF-T technology, which provides maximum ball speed and flight. The X sole design allows the club head to rest on two separate points, which prevents the club rocking back and forth and possibly producing a poor shot. The Callaway X Fairway Wood is available for $79.88 (see Resources).

Nike SQ Sumo2 Hybrid Utility Wood

The Nike SQ Sumo2 Hybrid Utility Wood has a body and crown constructed of stainless steel. The face is made of cryo steel, which gives users maximum distance and forgiveness (margin of error) on each shot. The Nike Powerbow Weighting positions weight to the perimeter and bottom of the club, which will produce cleaner, crisper shots. This durable club is designed to deliver exceptional stability during impact with the ball and produces higher, softer launching shots. The Nike SQ Sumo2 Hybrid Utility Wood is available for $89.95 (see Resources).

Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball SRT Putter

The Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball SRT putter is a mallet putter that has an aluminum body with a beautiful satin finish. The Extreme Back Weight Distribution allows golfers to receive the perfect putting stroke every time, while the two-ball alignment system lines up putts more effortlessly and accurately. The precision milled, stainless steel insert is suspended with a urethane insert in the face, which allows the weight to be repositioned at the back of the putter head. The Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball Putter can be purchased for $99 (see Resources).

About The Author

Marc Jenkins has been writing since 2008. His work has appeared in numerous online publications, and he is also co-host of the Double Play Sports Hour, a sports talk radio show on WBCR 1090AM in New York City. He studied English and mass communications at Virginia State University.

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