The Best Golf GPS Systems

By Marc Jenkins

One of the two major components in becoming a better golfer is the quality of equipment which is being used and with the second being practice. When you go down the list of equipment right after clubs, balls and shoes, you will find golf GPS systems. It seems they are just as important to some players as the basic necessities are in the sport. There capabilities are extremely beneficial to anyone who uses one. The better the system is, the better the final score of the person using it will become.

OnPar Golf GPS

The OnPar Golf GPS is undoubtedly one of the best Golf GPS systems that is currently available anywhere. The OnPar Golf GPS is completely touch screen and allows users to see distances everywhere on the course. It also possesses the ability to store up 300 different courses and keep your stats by hole, course and rounds played. The course downloads are absolutely free, and there is no membership fee. The OnPar Golf GPS also gives users club suggestions based on their stats that have been recorded. There is also an internal, rechargeable battery that has a 12-hour life span in between full charges. At an amazing weight of only 4.59 ounces and a length of just 4.17 inches, it can easily be toted around on the course and not get the way of anything.

uPro Golf GPS by Callaway

The uPro Golf GPS by Callaway is another one of the best Golf GPS systems that are available today. Callaway is one of the leading manufacturers of anything golf related so it shouldn't be a surprise that they make one of the best golf GPS systems as well. The uPro is the lightest golf GPS system at just 3.1 ounces. What it lacks in weight, it makes up for with abilities. It's complete with HD Imagery, a 50 course memory bank, hazard warnings for bunkers and traps, and an outstanding rechargeable lithium battery with a 12-hour life span in between charges.

iGolf Saturn GPS

The iGolf Saturn GPS is yet another one of the best Golf GPS systems that are out on the market right now. The iGolf Saturn GPS has a large 2.17 inch full-color screen which displays an extremely accurate layout of each hole on the course, and its memory stores up to 100 total courses. The iGolf Saturn is very lightweight at 4 ounces and has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery which has a life of up to 16 hours; that's remarkably long. There is also a digital scorecard and stat tracking feature which allows users to download and upload their scores from course and holes onto their computer using Windows Vista, XP or 2000.

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