Golf Swing Training Exercises

By Jackson Lewis

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If you're a golfer who is serious about improving your game, golf swing training is a key component of your regular practice. Similar to lifting weights to strengthen the muscles you use in other sports, golf swing training focuses on strengthening the muscles you use in your golf swing through resistance training. Through regular exercise of these muscles, you will realize an increase in your golf shot distance and see a more consistent swing. When golf swing training, you should focus on two types of muscle groups: the rotational muscles that you rotate when swinging a golf club, which are known as your core muscles (abdominals, lower back, hips and obliques); and the supporting muscles (shoulders, arms, wrists).

Golf Swing Training Exercise ---Weighted Golf Club

Swinging a weighted golf club has been a popular golf swing training exercise for many years. You will see an increase in distance in your golf shots through consistent use of a weighted training club very soon after you start training. When you use this exercise, you are working the muscles you use during the golf swing with increased resistance from the weighted golf club as a form of strength training. When you pick up your regular golf club to swing, you will naturally hit the ball harder. Pay special consideration when using a weighted club for strength training to swinging the club from your normal stance and swing motion in order to properly train your muscle groups.

Golf Swing Training Exercise ---Golf Exercise Tubing

Golf exercise tubing is a great tool to use to strengthen the core golf muscles. A slight difference in using tubing for golf conditioning as compared to other reasons is that you want to simulate the golf swing as closely as possible when using the tubing. A common approach is to attach the tubing to a door or other fixed structure. Then, while grasping both handles of the golf tubing, pull the apparatus back in the motion of your back swing. Repeat the motion for a predetermined number of repetitions, and ensure you are pulling the tube in the same direction as your backswing.

Golf Swing Training Exercise ---Golf Medicine Balls

A medicine ball is another great tool to use for golf swing training. The Giant Circle exercise is one you can use to work your core muscle groups. To do this exercise, you should stand with your feet approximately shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Pick up your medicine ball, swing it in front of your knees and lift it along one side of your body. Repeat the motion, alternating both sides of your body. Keep your back and arms straight while doing this exercise.

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