Tips on Buying Golf Cart Batteries

By Marc Jenkins

Today many golfers are deciding to purchase their own golf carts instead of renting them every time they visit a course. The cost of a golf cart in 2009 is reasonable and the maintenance on them is minimal. If you do have a golf cart, the major component of one is, obviously, the battery. Without a battery, the cart will not operate properly.

Gas-Powered Carts vs Electric-Powered Carts

Electric-powered carts must be plugged in after every use in order for its battery to completely recharge. With a gas-powered cart, the battery operates similar to a battery for an actual automobile. This is very important to know when purchasing a new battery for the cart, because the turnaround time for an electric cart is much longer than for a gas-powered version. If you have the ability or means to plug in your cart so the battery may charge after every use, then an electric cart is absolutely the way to go, especially in regards to battery longevity and productivity.

The Best Golf Cart Batteries

The Trojan T-105 is by far the best golf cart battery that is on the market today. The life cycle (the amount of times you can charge and discharge it before a new one is needed) is extremely high, at 750 times or so. It is also durable and inexpensive. It takes 447 minutes for the battery to run out if it is used at 25 amps and 115 minutes if it is used at 75 amps. You can purchase a Trojan T-105 from $100 to $125, as of 2009.

The US-2200 is another high quality golf cart battery that many golfers are raving about. The US-2200 also has a very high life cycle (about 750 cycles) and is almost as inexpensive as the Trojan T-105. It takes about 474 minutes for the battery to die if used at 25 amps and 122 minutes when used at 75 amps. This means that it gives you a little bit more time to ride than the Trojan T-105. The US-2200 generally runs in between $140 and $200 depending on the location of your purchase.

Best Websites to Purchase a Golf Cart Battery

As with anything you purchase, some places are better than others to buy things; some places have the absolute lowest prices, others have the largest selections and some places actually offer both. Power Stride Battery's site has a huge selection of golf cart batteries to choose from, along with some of the lowest prices around. Battery Plex's online store is another great site to check out for golf cart batteries, as is Battery Web, for a large selection of batteries at inexpensive prices.

About The Author

Marc Jenkins has been writing since 2008. His work has appeared in numerous online publications, and he is also co-host of the Double Play Sports Hour, a sports talk radio show on WBCR 1090AM in New York City. He studied English and mass communications at Virginia State University.


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