Simple Steps for a Successful Draw Off the Tee

By Steve Silverman

golfer hits from tee box
Learning how to hit the ball off the tee is a must for any golfer who wants to play consistently. Hitting the ball long and straight is great, but it is not always enough. You may have to play a draw from time to time because of the shape of the hole or because of the wind. A draw goes right to left and it is the shot that many of the top players use off the tee a majority of the time. This shot will often leave the player in an excellent position for the second shot.


When playing a draw, you need to have your feet a bit wider than normal. Instead of having your feet shoulder width apart, you need to have each foot three inches wider than that. Instead of squarely facing the target, aim your shoulders and hips slightly to the right of the target. Have your club face pointed directly at the target.


Your grip pressure is going to change quite a bit. Take a little of the pressure off of your left hand and squeeze a bit tighter with your right. Your left hand should be squeezing the club at about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, while your right hand should be at a 6. Your right hand has to be the dominant hand as you begin your downswing.


Bring your club back along the angle that your feet are pointed. Keep your club face as straight as possible. You still want the club head to hit the ball squarely even though your stance has changed to produce the draw. Stand a little taller than normal, a factor that will flatten your swing plane.