Tips and Strategies for Mini Golf

By Marc Jenkins

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Countless golfing fans around the world never step foot on a golf course even once in their lifetime. Many of these people find other outlets to fuel their love of the game such as watching the professionals on television, observing their friends or family play live or by just simply playing a round or two of miniature golf. Miniature golf is a fun and exciting way to either spend a few hours with your family or have some fun by yourself. However, at times it can prove to be extremely difficult due to the obstacles and unusual nature of a mini-golf course.

Mini Golf is Simply a Game of Putting

One major problem that many players have during a round of miniature golf is over-hitting the ball on swings. The typical mini-golf player swings his putter as if he were hitting away on a 376-yard, par-4 hole---unnecessarily hard and fast. He doesn't realize that every hole in the game is simply an elongated putt scenario, whether the hole is a par-2, par-3 or par-4. There is never a hole on any mini-golf course that requires anything other than a stroke that resembles a long green shot or a close-in putt. Once a player remembers not to swing as if it were a drive or a fairway shot and to simply putt smoothly through the ball, the improved results will show time and time again on the scorecard at the end of the round.

Forget About the Obstacles and Attractions

All miniature golf courses around the world contain several obstacles and unusual design features that line every hole. The obstacles make a round of play much more challenging, and the designs and layout provide unique characteristics. Once a player identifies how to play around these obstacles, she will hit better quality shots and should dramatically improve her game. Courses are designed so there are usually ways to get around the obstacles, such as windmills or other features that can impede play toward the hole. Once a player figures out a strategy for each hole and the shortest route to the cup, her mini-golf game should be more successful.

Tips for Body Setup While Playing a Course

How a player should set up when about to hit a ball on a miniature golf course is rather simple. First, he should identify the type of hole he is about to play. Next he should line up straight and even with both feet together in a putting position. Once set up properly he should line up the putter perpendicular with the hole and stroke the ball smoothly. If the hole requires a more circuitous route to the cup, he should attempt to bank shots off the bunkers or walls. Proper set up and execution will take many strokes off the scorecard.

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