Phil Mickelson's Coffee for Wellness: The Inside Scoop

By Todd Mrowice

Phil Mickelson drinking coffee

Phil Mickelson has never been shy about the products he promotes. Whether he's dancing for Mizzen + Main clothing or hitting bombs for Callaway, Lefty knows his audience. When Mickelson began showing off a giant tumbler of coffee on the golf course, people became curious about Coffee for Wellness. Does Phil Mickelson's coffee really help your diet and have all of the great benefits Lefty claims? Here’s the inside scoop.

The Story of Phil Mickelson's Coffee

In 2018, Phil brewed the idea of Coffee for Wellness along with his close friend and performance coach, Dave Phillips, who has a passion for coffee and wellness. Phillips co-founded TPI, one of the largest health and fitness organizations in golf. Mickelson and Phillips perfected The Good Stuff, a powdered supplement that incorporates all of Mickelson’s wellness specifications into great-tasting coffee with tremendous health benefits.

Since the launch of Coffee for Wellness, consumers can copy Mickelson's healthy approach to life that helped him win the 2021 PGA Championship, showcasing how, at 50 years old, he was able to become the oldest major champion in history.

Coffee For Wellness

Let's start with the backbone of the operation itself, the coffee. Coffee for Wellness is available in 12 oz. whole bean bags in a medium or dark roast. They are also available in single-serve pods if you prefer a Keurig over the old grind and brew method.

Both the medium and the dark roasts are on the sweeter end of the black coffee spectrum. They have notes of blackberry jam and maple syrup, according to the website, and black coffee drinkers may pick up on a little caramel taste as well.

If you prefer a well-balanced, straightforward coffee, the medium roast is for you. If you prefer a little more oomph and bolder taste, the dark roast is right on the money.

The Good Stuff

The coffee is one thing, but if you truly want the Phil Mickelson java experience, you have to go for The Goof Stuff. The Good Stuff is a combined supplement that essentially makes the magic for Phil’s coffee diet. You can purchase The Good Stuff as a 30-serving pouch or as 15 convenient travel packs.

What exactly is in The Good Stuff, you ask? Here’s a breakdown:


L-Theanine actually serves a dual purpose as part of the blend. It’s derived from green tea extract and it eliminates any of the jitters you commonly associate with coffee. If you’re hesitant about trying The Good Stuff because you don't want to feel jittery, the L-Theanine portion is designed to eliminate those shaky feelings. In addition, the supplement calms your nerves and helps you focus throughout your day.

MCT Powder

MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride. The two main purposes of the MCT powder are metabolism and energy. It allows your metabolism to function at a higher rate, burning fat. It is also a safe way energy boost without heart palpitations.


People get collagen injections to look younger, this collagen powder will do that and make you feel younger. Collagen strengthens your bones, skin, hair, and nails, reduces inflammation and increases your joint mobility. Why else would Phil’s dance moves be so on point?


Cinnamon is not only another anti-inflammatory, but it has also been proven to help fight off sickness. It’s also responsible for the flavor punch you get when you add The Good Stuff. Cinnamon helps curb your appetite, so you won’t feel the need to destroy a cheeseburger at lunch if you drink The Good Stuff in the morning.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is the main ingredient that keeps you hydrated and balanced. When Mickelson goes on coffee fasts for his diet, it's the salt that prevents dehydration by giving a boost in electrolytes.


The pitch is great and the coffee tastes good, but the cost might be prohibitive for some potential Coffee for Wellness drinkers. Here’s a breakdown of what Coffee for Wellness and The Good Stuff costs.

Medium or Dark Roast 12 oz. bag: $14.99 (20-25% savings with subscription)

Single-Serve Pods, Package of 15: $12.99

The Good Stuff, 30 Serving Pouch: $29.99

The Good Stuff, 15 Travel Packs: $24.99

With all of these products, you have the option to subscribe for delivery every two weeks or monthly to save 20- 25%.

Coffee for Wellness also offers bundle packages with combinations of the above-listed products ranging from $49.99-$74.99. Or, if you’re just visiting the site for one of those cool “jumping Phil” tumblers, they have three sizes available ranging from $24.99-$34.99.

The Bottom Line

Coffee for Wellness is a really simple method for people who love coffee and want to get on the road to better health. It’s a task to replace meals with coffee, as Phil does while fasting for 24 hours or more, but this combination is certainly viable as a daily breakfast replacement.

The blend of supplements covers many important aspects of dieting and feeling better. When you add The Good Stuff, you feel energetic yet calm in the short term, along with feeling full, which anyone who tries to portion-control will tell you is incredibly important. In the long term, you do actually feel more hydrated and limber.

For people who like sweet coffee with a lot of creamers, you might find that this combination doesn’t hit the way that a Starbucks does. That’s by design. The company aims to steer people away from the dairy creamers and sugar in those drinks. Even Mickelson himself adds a little Manuka honey and unsweetened almond milk to his tumbler.

The biggest drawback for many is the price, especially at face value. However, when compared to other supplements, vitamins, and wellness tactics, you’ll find that Phil’s coffee is priced comparably. Plus, how do you put a value on something that you find helps your overall health on a daily basis?

Trying it on Your Own

If you’re interested in trying Phil Mickelson’s famous coffee blend but don’t want to go all-in right away, here are a few hacks you can try at home to compile a similar blend to the Coffee for Wellness setup with The Good Stuff.


You can always use a coffee of your choosing, especially if you have a brand that you already enjoy. You’ll see the best results by choosing an Ethiopian coffee because they’re a little more intense and the natural tastes blend the best with this mixture.


If you’re trying this at home you can always price shop MCT powder with MCT oil. Sometimes the oil is easier to find and slightly less expensive.


A full container of L-Theanine powder might be more than you want for a trial run. Instead, look at a bottle of L-Theanine pills. They’re typically sold as capsules so you can easily break them open and add the powder to your coffee. If you end up not liking it, L-Theanine is a great supplement to have around the house on those extra stressful days.


This is the expensive part of the blend that you won’t be able to avoid. Collagen peptides usually cost around $25 for a 10 oz container with small price breaks on the larger containers

Manuka Honey

As mentioned above, Phil adds Manuka honey to help sweeten up his coffee. You can do that as well, but Manuka honey is quite pricey, usually exceeding $20 for an 8 oz. jar. You can always try raw, unfiltered honey instead.

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