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Gary Wiren


A Lifetime Of Golf

Gary Wiren is a golf educator, a Master member of the Professional Golfers Association of America, and a former national PGA staff director. He is a graduate of Huron University in South Dakota with a Master's degree from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Oregon. He was a collegiate conference golf champion and winner of long drive contests. Wiren is a past board member of the National Golf Foundation, the American Junior Golf Association and the Children’s Golf Foundation.

In 2007 Gary was inducted into both the PGA Hall of Fame and the GOLF Magazine Teachers Hall of Fame.

He has written or participated in the writing of over 200 magazine articles, ten books or booklets, has 13 film credits, 3 videos on the market- the latest called Good Golf for Bad Backs, and has taught over 250,000 people in 28 countries. Wiren was featured on ESPN's "How to Play Your Best Golf," and also Par for the Course, was carried weekly in Japan on his own t.v. show, and can now be seen on the Golf Channel’s Preserving the Game. He is a three-time national winner of the Golf Collectors' Society wooden shafted tournament and one of its premier collectors, has won the South Florida Seniors PGA title, played in the USGA Sr. Open and the PGA Sr. Championship, was six years on the Golf Digest Professional Panel, and is on the selection panel for the 100 Greatest Courses.

Wiren has received several awards, among them the national Joe Graffis Award for educational contributions to golf from the National Golf Foundation, the LPGA’s Wind Under Wings award, Distinguished Service Awards from the Swedish Golf Union and Italian Golf Federation & the National Merit Award from the Golf Course Owners Association of America. He is an honorary member of the New Zealand PGA, was educational consultant for the Japanese PGA, and has an honorary doctorate from Ferris State University in Michigan. In 1987 Wiren was selected by the PGA of America as its "Teacher of the Year" in the USA, and has consistently been picked by Golf Magazine as one of America’s 100 Best Teachers and Golf Digest as Top 50 (12th). He is honored in the Golf Halls of Fame in the states of Nebraska & South Dakota, plus the Pacific Northwest PGA.

Previously Dr. Wiren served the PGA of America for 12 years, founding its National Golf Academy of Golf and serving as Director of Education, Learning and Research, and the PGA Hall of Fame. Dr. Wiren has been a proponent of fitness training for golf for over 30 years, lecturing & writing on the subject around the world.

Dr. Wiren was the keynote speaker at the First Scientific Congress of Golf at St. Andrews University 1990, and was chairman of the Coaching Section there in 1994 and again in 1998. He keynoted the second PGA Teaching Summit in Nashville, TN., and was a featured speaker at all of the others up until 1996 as well as being a featured speaker at three European teaching summits - 1991 in Milan, 1992 in Montreaux, Switzerland, and 1994 in Nimes France. Gary spoke at Canada’s Summit in Toronto and was keynote and lead speaker at the first Australian PGA Teaching Conference (1993) in Sydney which he repeated in 1995.


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