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Dr. Gary Wiren Corporate Services

With his extensive background in teaching, speaking, writing, and playing, Dr. Wiren is the ideal person to help a corporation make its event entertaining and memorable for its clients and guests.

Gary offers presentations at business meetings, banquets, golf clinics and shows, and at small V.I.P. gatherings.

If you are looking for the most upscale golf experience anywhere for 3 or 4 players, call Gary at: 800-367-4279

Make your corporate event a unique experience that your clients will never forget!


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Ron A.  Scored 82 at  Ballard County La Center, Kentucky

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Eric E.  Scored 81 at  Egwani Farms Rockford, Tennessee

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Cure For Toe Shots: Posture Maintaining the same posture throughout the swing is critical to hitting the ball in the center of the clubface
Head Position In Putting Set Up The direction your eyes are lined up when you set up to putt is the direction your putting stroke will travel, so if you play with a hat on use the bill of the hat to make sure that your head is lined up with your target line
Downhill Lies Adjust your spine angle to the slope, find your new contact point for ball position, take less club and aim slightly to the left