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Sandy LaBauve
Kierland Golf Club
15636 N. Clubgate Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Tel: 480-922-9283
Golf Videos by Sandy LaBauve
  • A two plane swing requires you to start your downswing with a hip bump forward and then arms pulling down, which relies a lot on having good timing... watch video
  • A good grip will help your wrists activate in the golf swing correctly and will add power, distance and accuracy to your swing.... watch video
  • Practice this routine for your grip so that you do not think about it on the course... watch video
  • Use your hands, arms and body as the three sources of power in the swing. If you neglect one you will overuse the others and create faults in your swing.... watch video
  • In a one plane swing your arms are closer to your body and swing across your chest; in a two plane swing has the arms swinging up and down... watch video
  • Work from the tee-box to the fairway and then to the green... watch video
  • Set goals to work on all aspects of the full swing... watch video
  • This simple arm stretching drill that you can do at home is the perfect way to get your muscles to memorize the arm movement in the one plane golf swing.... watch video
  • To be a good short putter you need a simple swing with very few moving parts so that you can return the putter square to impact every time.... watch video
  • Analyze the green slope and speed in order to determine what trajectory and club is appropriate for the shot, then always use the same chipping swing and motion regardless of what club you select.... watch video
  • How you finish your swing is a report card for your entire swing... watch video
  • If you are hitting balls that start out to the right and continue to fall in that direction try this closed stance drill to get your clubface closed at impact and create a more rounded swing.... watch video
  • A tension filled grip, especially from having the shaft too much in your palms, will kill your entire swing. It stops your wrists from hinging naturally and then works its way up your arms and into your shoulders and locks up your entire swing.... watch video
  • To get more distance, turn your torso in the backswing not your hips... watch video
  • The one plane downswing you want to turn your core as you are throwing your arms across your body. This creates tremendous power at impact and without the timing required in the two plane downswing.... watch video
  • A two plane swing requires you to actively cock your wrists. With a one plane swing the weight of the club tends to hinge your wrists back naturally and making the swing less complicated.... watch video
  • When you are faced with a pitch shot that you need to carry over trouble but still have room to let the ball roll play a medium height shot. Narrow stance, ball centered, weight slightly forward, minimal wrist hinge, more body movement going through than ... watch video
  • On long putts take an initial look at the slope, set your target line then spend the rest of the swing concentrating on the pace of the putt.... watch video
  • In a two plane swing the shoulders turn more level to the ground. With the one plane swing the arms swinging across the body turn your shoulders naturally, making the windup easier by keeping the body more centered with less lateral movement.... watch video
  • Your posture is determined by your arm swing. If you swing up and down on a two plane swing then you should stand more upright. If you swing your arms around on a one plane swing then stand more bent over on the balls of your feet.... watch video
  • The club should work around your body to form a circular swing plane... watch video
  • Because of the rounded arm swing in the one plane swing the finish features a flatter finish position with your hands lower and further from your head.... watch video
  • Set up with your clubface open to one o'clock, play the ball forward, set your shaft neutral with the clubface, balance your weight evenly on your feet, and get the handle towards your left leg so you finish around on an arc.... watch video
  • Make a rehearsal swing behind the ball; take your grip and then step in with your right foot and bow into the ball with your hips. For a one plane swing it is imperative that you are bent over sufficiently at the hips.... watch video
  • Bend at the hips and flex your knees so that you are in position to make a rotary swing... watch video
  • A rounded golf swing lets the club face get square at impact and cocks your wrists naturally... watch video
  • This is a great shot to practice because it is a mini version of the full swing. Make sure to finish near your front pocket and practice distance control by taking your backswing up to your pocket, chest or shoulder height. ... watch video
  • We should all strive for the lowest maintenance swing possible. The one plane swing is excellent in this regard because there are fewer moving parts and it is a more natural swing, especially for golfers just starting out and who have played baseball, ten... watch video
  • In the one plane swing you bend more from the hips, your arms are hanging down and swinging around your chest and your finish is more rounded. It is easier to maintain because there are fewer moving parts than the two plane swing.... watch video
  • You can get a tremendous amount of practice done away from the golf course. Solidify your set up in front of a mirror, work on your swing shape in your backyard and perfect your pivot in your living room.... watch video
  • Rest the club at the base of your fingers not your palms... watch video
  • Sandy demonstrates the correct one plane golf swing.... watch video
  • A two plane swing manipulates the shaft on plane by rotating the club. The one plane swing is more athletic and naturally places the club on the correct swing and shoulder path, which is better for women and requires less maintenance. ... watch video
  • Make a long, lazy, slow-paced swing to create a high trajectory. This gets the ball up high so that it lands softly and does not roll. It is a risky shot, so only play it once you have practiced it sufficiently.... watch video
  • If you can’t putt from off the green keep the ball low by hitting a pitch and run... watch video
  • Swing your arms back above your right shoulder and finish up above your left shoulder... watch video
  • Play the ball off your front heel, open the clubface to one o'clock, balance slightly on your front leg and make sure you swing down and through to the left. The key is making a non violent full swing, splashing the ball with an oval area of sand out of t... watch video
  • Putting from off the green is the safest shot and will eliminate disasters... watch video
  • Your shoulders should match on the backswing and downswing, most topped shots occur when you lift your body during the swing and come out of your spine angle.... watch video
  • There are two ways to practice the short game. First are how-to shots, where you learn how to control trajectory through set up and swing shape. Second are situational shots, where you move around the short game area and practice specific shots.... watch video
  • The angle that the club travels around your spine is called your swing plane. A good swing plane gives you the best chance to hit straight shots by returning the club square to the ball at impact. ... watch video
  • The position of the ball in your stance is determined by your swing shape and the club you are hitting. Your wedge should be near the center of your stance and your driver should be off your front heel.... watch video
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