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Golf Videos by Chuck Cook
  • Golf professional Chuck Cook shows you Causes of Thin Shots. Hitting the ball with the bottom of the club face can result from several different swing faults... watch video
  • Push shots are sometimes caused by aiming in the wrong direction, learn to align yourself properly with this Two Clubs drill... watch video
  • Many pull shots are caused simply because you line up facing left of the target... watch video
  • Practice this hitting under a rope drill to help keep your hands forward at impact and avoid an early release of the clubhead... watch video
  • Move your ball position forwards and backwards and see where your divot is in relation to the ball position... watch video
  • To cure your slice, practice this two tee drill to check if you have the correct grip... watch video
  • Scooping the ball results in a toe shot because it causes your left wrist to bend at impact and your right wrist to straighten, thus changing your swing radius... watch video
  • Create a wider arc on your downswing with this right arm drill for a consistent and manageable swing... watch video
  • Take swings trying to just hum while keeping the tempo and volume of the hum constant... watch video
  • Cutting your backswing down to a more manageable length can help you control the distance of your shots... watch video
  • Maintaining a constant posture will stop your body from moving into the ball on the downswing... watch video
  • Use this pre-impact drill to maintain the correct distance from the ball at address... watch video
  • Setting up with too much weight on your back foot keeps your hands back during the swing, resulting in high shots... watch video
  • Toe shots are caused when the center of your swing arc, your body, moves away from the ball... watch video
  • Heel shots are caused because you either move the center of your plane out towards the ball during your swing or you start too close to the ball at address... watch video
  • Setting up with slack in your arms causes you to extend towards the ball when you swing and hit the ball with the heel of the club... watch video
  • Correct your backswing in three steps to give you more distance... watch video
  • Maintaining the same posture throughout the swing is critical to hitting the ball in the center of the clubface... watch video
  • Opening and closing the face of the club too much during the backswing and downswing will cause you to hit the ball with the toe of the club... watch video
  • Practice this wrist watch drill to help you square the club face up and eliminate your slice... watch video
  • Use this Tee to Re-Tee drill to create an earlier clubhead release... watch video
  • Use this shadow drill to get your weight behind the ball and hit higher shots... watch video
  • Practice this Punch Drill to avoid releasing the clubhead early during the downswing and hitting the ball short... watch video
  • Try this Head Cover Drill to keep your right elbow close to your body on the backswing and eliminate on over-the-top swing... watch video
  • Move the ball back in your stance with this Variable Tee Drill to see where the best ball position is for you... watch video
  • Practice closing your stance to help get the feel for an inside-out swing path... watch video
  • Poor posture can cause your downswing to turn inside the target line creating a push shot... watch video
  • Keep your left arm connected to your body during the finish so that your arms can not swing out and push the ball out to the right... watch video
  • Place a bag stand in front of your leading foot and turn your hips around it on your downswing... watch video
  • Use this jump rope drill to develop the correct shoulder plane and eliminate your pull shots... watch video
  • Playing the ball too far back in your stance causes you to make contact while the club is still swinging to the right of the target... watch video
  • Some heel shots are caused because at set up you are too close to the ball causing your arms to start inside your shoulders... watch video
  • Clubhead speed properly applied to the ball creates distance in your shot... watch video
  • Having a ball position too far forward or back can cause you to change your swing plane and hit fat shots... watch video
  • Create a tripod with your legs and club during setup to correct push shots that are caused by a tilted right shoulder at address... watch video
  • Have a 90 degree angle when turning the shoulders, bending the right arm and cocking the wrist for a balanced backswing... watch video
  • The push shot is caused when the swing path is to the right of the target and the clubface is square to the path... watch video
  • Fixing your grip so that your hands are not turned too far right of the club will help cure your hook... watch video
  • An upright posture causes pull shots, use this Tilt The T drill to get more flex from your hips... watch video
  • Use a couple of bag stands or old shafts outside your legs to stop from swaying in your backswing and follow through... watch video
  • When the clubface rotates the heel becomes the leading edge of the club and makes contact first so practice making dollar bill divots to eliminate that clubface rotation... watch video
  • Releasing your hands to late will lower the loft on the club and result in low shots... watch video
  • Many golfers set up with their right side too high, your stance should look like a Reverse K with the left side straight and high... watch video
  • Practice the Punch Drill to cure an early clubhead release... watch video
  • This shadow drill will help get your weight in front of you on the follow through, eliminating high shots caused by hanging back... watch video
  • Many toe shots are caused by setting up too far away from the ball, try this hosel drill to get your set up distance correct... watch video
  • Practice the reverse roll drill to avoid over-rotation of the hands at impact and an unwanted hook... watch video
  • A breakdown of the left wrist or arm causes a change in your swing radius and thin shots... watch video
  • Practice this swish drill to increase clubhead speed and distance of your shots... watch video
  • A ball slices when the club face is open to the direction in which you are swinging... watch video
  • Having the ball positioned too far forward in your stance can result in a high ball trajectory... watch video
  • If the ball is too far back in your stance it will cause your hands to be too far forward and lower the loft of the club... watch video
  • Golf professional Chuck Cook shows you Cure For Thin Shots: Posture. Practice making half swing with this pen drill to maintain a constant distance to the ball throughout the swing... watch video
  • Maintain a constant posture throughout the entire swing so that your body does not move towards the ball during the swing and cause the heel of the club to make contact with the ball... watch video
  • Hanging back at impact restricts your follow through and leads to a push shot... watch video
  • Practice on an uphill lie to get your set up position back to center and your weight off your front leg... watch video
  • Create torque between your torso and waist to unwind your body faster and increase clubhead speed... watch video
  • The pull shot is caused when the club face is square to the direction of the swing but the swing path is to the left of the target... watch video
  • Hitting the ball off the top of the club face can be the result of several swing flaws... watch video
  • High Shots are caused when you get your hands behind the ball at impact... watch video
  • Controlling the distance of your shots stems from reducing potential power in your backswing or downswing... watch video
  • The hook is caused when the club face is looking to the left of the direction you are swinging... watch video
  • The loft of any club can be varied by the position of the club handle relative to the ball at impact... watch video
  • Golf professional Chuck Cook shows you Cure For Thin Shots: Swaying. Put your feet together and hit balls off a tee to eliminate sway in your swing... watch video
  • A firm-wristed swing during the downswing and follow through can help you control the distance of your shots... watch video
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