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Golf Videos by Mike McGetrick
  • Be more creative around the green by practicing different clubs and shots to the same pin location to improve your short game... watch video
  • Analyze how your ball is lying in the rough so that you can play your shot with the correct set up and swing... watch video
  • Consistency is what separates the average golfer from the good golfer, use this drill to become a more consistent ballstriker... watch video
  • Lower your scores by adding a little pressure to your pitching practice with this Five Ball Chipping Drill... watch video
  • How far you swing through a bunker shot determines the distance it will travel so work on controlling your follow through when in the practice bunkers... watch video
  • Learn consistency and ball control by always aiming at specific targets when you are on the practice range, but do not just aim at the target, use the entire target area, aim to the left, right, short and long and develop that control to hit more fairways and greens than you ever imagined... watch video
  • Start your practice session by feeling your impact position, make swings that stop at impact and feel the correct position of your hips, legs and arms... watch video
  • You might not have time to practice as much as a professional but you can have their set up in a matter of minutes, concentrate on keeping your upper body balanced on top of your lower body with your arms centered and not ahead of the ball ... watch video
  • Setting up correctly to a greenside bunker is the most critical aspect of playing the shot correctly and becoming a consistent bunker player... watch video
  • Make sure to swing your arms back in the backswing, not away from or in to your body, the arc of the swing and coil of your body will take care of the rest... watch video
  • Controling your ball from the rough so that you can actually hit the green requires a steeper swing, gripping down slightly and a tighter grip so that you can keep the clubface square and a minimum of grass between the clubface and the ball... watch video
  • The putting grip should be in the lifeline of your left hand instead of in your fingers and underneath your heel pad like in the regular swing... watch video
  • Pitching and chipping off of tight lies are tough shots that require practice, use less wrist hinge for low chips and more wrist hinge for high pitches... watch video
  • Start your practice session by picking a close target that you know the distance to and hit little wedges that land at the spot, this will start you off with solid impact and contact as well as help your short game... watch video
  • Hitting a fairway bunker shots requires adjustments to your set up and swing... watch video
  • Aiming incorrectly will force you to manipulate your golf swing to hit the ball in the same direction, fixing this is simple, just practice with a club on the ground parallel to the target line so that you learn the correct feel and look of the proper alignment... watch video
  • Distinct from fundamental practice, competitive drills like this one require you to practice in game like situations, putting pressure on you to meet your target score before you can move on to your next drill... watch video
  • Grip the club in your fingers, have your thumbs and index fingers pinched together to support the club at the top of your backswing and apply your grip pressure at a medium level... watch video
  • The angle your club approaches the ball on a chip is critical for your control so take a lesson from the pros and add a little wrist hinge to your backswing and keep your left wrist straight on the downswing... watch video
  • Unlike regular bunker shots, with the long bunker shot you are not trying to fly the ball to the hole you want it to roll, so take a lower lofted club and end with a lower follow through... watch video
  • Do not practice before a round the same way you would if you were working on your mechanics, get target oriented and play a few shots with ever odd or even club to a target, then play with the swing you have that day do not try to change it prior to the round... watch video
  • Control the distance of your wedge shots with the length of your backswing and forward swing... watch video
  • Change your swing and set up in order to pitch the ball on a trajectory needed for the shot at hand... watch video
  • To develop a consistent and repeatable swing every club in your bag should have an identical tempo and rhythm, tempo is the rate of speed from start to finish of the swing while rhythm is the acceleration and deceleration of the golf club... watch video
  • Getting more distance is usually just the process of making sure your shaft is leading into impact so practice hitting low chips, pitches and knock downs to get the correct feel for reaching impact with the correct club loft... watch video
  • Use a steeper swing plane so that you can dig in to the sand and most importantly keep your weight forward throughout the entire shot... watch video
  • Hitting a flop shot off a tight lie requires that you attack the ball with a steeper swing and open clubface so that the club gets under the ball and pops it up softly... watch video
  • When faced with a course that has fairway surrounded by fescue first take a few practice shots to get familiar with the tall grass, then either play a wedge to the fairway or if you can go for the green play a shorter style punch finish that will allow the ball to go low and release... watch video
  • Consistently hitting your landing area on the green every time when chipping or pitching is the best way to improve your short game and lower your scores... watch video
  • Practice trying to hole out chip shots on the practice green, this will not only greatly improve your chipping but allow you to be considerably more aggressive on your chip shots when you go out to play... watch video
  • Decrease your three putts from long distances by using this pressure long putting drill which requires you to continue practicing until you have reached your desired target score... watch video
  • Many golfers start the forward swing with a violent motion rather than a gradual acceleration of the clubhead through to impact... watch video
  • Triangulation is the best way to read greens, read the putt from behind the ball, from the low side and then from behind the hole... watch video
  • Your ball positon should match the low point of your swing, so it changes with each club and depending on whether you want to hit the ball regular or with a special shot like a draw or fade... watch video
  • To deliver the club correctly on the downswing you must first learn the three arcs of the backswing so that you get your club in the correct position at the top... watch video
  • Improve your speed control on putts by selecting two different length putts, alternating shots to each one and keeping the shot within the safety zone... watch video
  • The differnece between a low and high chip trajectory is simply the clubface on the backswing, keep it hooded to hit it low, open it up a little to hit it higher... watch video
  • Go to the practice range with a plan, a drill I think is great is to imagine you are playing your entire golf course on the range and hit every shot from tee to green in your mind... watch video
  • When taking your stance your feet should have the proper width, alignment and flaring in order to build a successful golf swing... watch video
  • Prior to your round, especially a tournament, practice putting with only one ball and putt until it is in the hole, this works to build confidence in those short three foot come backers that are so often gimmies and not taken during a round... watch video
  • Preparing for every shot is one of the most common differences between Tour Players and amateurs, not thinking through every aspect of your shot prior to hitting it will lead to more mistakes and the common occurrence that the second shot you hit is always better... watch video
  • Speed control is best learned on the putting green where you can practice different types of putts always with the goal of making the putt or leaving it about twelve inches past the hole... watch video
  • Determine the ratio of the distance the ball must travel in the air to the ball rolling on the ground and select your club accordingly... watch video
  • Modify your ball and club handle position when chipping to adjust the height of your ball flight... watch video
  • Your wrist hinge shapes the backswing, downswing and impact and the proper way to hinge your wrists is to start with the right wrist going back, not up and down and not rotating around... watch video
  • Keep your hands under your shoulders throughout the entire golf swing in order to develop a consistent club path during the swing... watch video
  • Your practice swing is your rehearsal and thinking swing where you do any work you need for that shot, once you get up to the ball all thinking must stop and muscle memory must take over... watch video


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