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Golf Videos by Gary Wiren
  • Tee the ball up higher, hold your club above the ground, tilt your hands forward and swing level... watch video
  • There are four common reasons for why golfers hook the ball, find out which one applies to you and how to fix it... watch video
  • Practice rolling a ball to the hole to get a feel for the speed of the putt and how far you will need to take the putter back... watch video
  • Golf provides opportunities for you to shape your shots by hooking or slicing them, use these techniques to learn how to move the ball in the air... watch video
  • Practice your swing by starting at the finish so that you release through impact and complete your swing properly... watch video
  • The most common reason for poor chip shots is the breakdown of the wrists during the swing, try the Tic-Tac swing aid which clicks whenever your wrists breaks during the swing... watch video
  • Placing The Wedge beneath your left foot to give you the correct position for chipping and beneath your right foot to stop swaying in your full swing... watch video
  • Use this simple tool to help you square your putter face to the hole so that you can hit putts in the direction you aim... watch video
  • Control the distance of your chips and pitches by extending your backswing a little further as the shot gets longer... watch video
  • Making a proper putting stroke is the easiest part of putting, using the Putting Arc will teach you how to groove your stoke so that it is perfect every time... watch video
  • You can't win the Indy 500 with a Volkswagen just like you can't hit long drives without muscles, the Power Swing Fan is the best tool to specifically work on the muscles used for driving... watch video
  • Flexibility is extremely important to producing distance because you can't hit the ball far if you don't make a full swing, the Speed Stick is a great product to increase your flexibility and can be used anywhere... watch video
  • When the ball is above or below your feet the angle of the lie changes the direction the clubface points, so you must adjust your set up accordingly... watch video
  • When attempting a makeable putt set your target past the hole so that you do not commit the cardinal sin of putting, which is leaving your putt short... watch video
  • Certain situations like punching a ball out of trouble call for hitting a lower lofted club a shorter distance, use this trick to take distance off these shots... watch video
  • Control your trajectory by mastering the relationship of the butt end of the club to the club face... watch video
  • The most common fault in pitching is taking the club too far back and decelerating on the downswing, practicing how to finish your pitch will solve this problem... watch video
  • When hitting bunker shots you are not hitting the ball you are actually splashing the sand around the ball out of the bunker... watch video
  • There are four keys to the correct grip: placement, positioning, pressure and precision. Check these four things every time and you will have a solid grip... watch video
  • Usually you want to splash your ball and the sand out of a bunker, but when the ball is buried this will cause a skull, so in this situation you need to use your sand wedge to dig below the ball... watch video
  • When stuck behind a tree your primary objective is to pick the correct club in order to get in below the limbs and out of trouble... watch video
  • The moment of truth in the golf swing is when the club impacts the ball and using an impact bag will help you get the correct feeling of impact... watch video
  • Controlling distance out of a bunker can be done in many ways, try all these methods and see which one works best for you... watch video
  • Pick your club based on what is in between your ball and the hole... watch video
  • If your ball is in a fairway divot you need to adjust your swing so that you hit the ball with a more descending blow... watch video
  • When faced with a buried lie in the bunker you must create a concussion in the sand in order to drive the ball up out of the bunker... watch video
  • Give your body the opportunity to make a good swing from the first shot of the day by using this simple two minute warm up... watch video
  • The Mickey Wright drill will help keep your club face square throughout the swing and your swing path coming from inside to out... watch video
  • Creating a pre-shot routine for putting the same way you create one for your full swing... watch video
  • Chipping is done with 1 lever while pitching adds a second lever... watch video
  • Hitch a ride to heaven so that you release your club properly and stop slicing... watch video
  • Try this Triple Whammy Drill to turn your slice into a draw in ninety seconds... watch video
  • Learning how to shake hands like a pro will teach you the correct wrist position at impact... watch video
  • If you lose your balance during the swing then you probably made a bad swing, make sure your body is balanced on your front side at the end of each swing... watch video


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