John Elliott, Jr. Golf Instruction Videos

John Elliott, Jr.
St. Andrews Golf & Country Club
3N441 Route 59
West Chicago, IL 60185
Tel: 630-231-3160
Golf Videos by John Elliott, Jr.
  • Chip shots are just mini swings so remember to practice SAD, which is short, aggressive and down... watch video
  • The secret to a successful set up is in these four letters, which help you understand what you are trying to do when you address the ball... watch video
  • Follow the correct sequence of movement during the downswing to create more power and consistency... watch video
  • Use this drill to square your clubface during set up and fix a common mistake that causes slices and hooks... watch video
  • This Bump the Fringe putting drill will help you control the distance on your putts, making two putting easy... watch video
  • Using poles and shafts for practice can be very effective when working on areas such as flexibility and swing plane... watch video
  • Getting more distance requires that you hit the center of the clubface more often and that requires an impact position with your hand in front of the clubface... watch video
  • As much as you might hate changing your grip a weak grip is the most common slice fault because you are in a position where your hands can not rotate through the swing... watch video
  • Always read your putts from the low side of the slope and the low side of the break... watch video
  • Correct your impact by following the club-ball-ground sequence... watch video
  • By drawing a line on your golf ball you can align the ball up perfectly with the hole so that your putting direction is completely taken care of... watch video
  • The only way to make putts consistently is to set up properly from the beginning and to do this remember EBF: Eyes, Blade, Feet... watch video
  • Stepping into the ball with your back foot is the foundation of a good set up... watch video
  • The better you practice on the range and the more organized you practice session is, the simpler the game of golf will be out on the golf course... watch video
  • John Elliott believes in a cause and effect teaching philosophy through watching your ball flight and then your swing... watch video
  • A good pre-swing routine allows you to check your set up, alignment and aim while signaling the body to start an athletic golf swing... watch video
  • Topped balls are not caused by picking up your head, what you are really doing is losing your spine angle and lifting your entire body off of the ball... watch video
  • Try using the cool finish position to maintain balance and tempo... watch video
  • To eliminate bad shots caused by your arms breaking down on the backswing and follow through, maintain the Y created by your arms and club at set up... watch video
  • To vary the height of your shots just make a basic adjustment to your ball position and follow through... watch video
  • Bunkers are easy shots you just need to compensate for the fact that you are hitting sand not grass, plus John shows you how to eliminate the dreaded bunker skull shot... watch video
  • Tee the ball up with your driver but tee it down with the rest of your clubs... watch video
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