Dr. Fran Pirozzolo Golf Instruction Videos

Dr. Fran Pirozzolo
Woodlands Sports Medicine Centre
1441 Woodstead Court
The Woodlands, TX 77380
Golf Videos by Dr. Fran Pirozzolo
  • Use visualization to prepare your muscles to perform and enhance your course strategy... watch video
  • Fran Pirozzolo's philosophy on the cerebral side of sports... watch video
  • Early traininging and family environment are the two most critical aspects in developing talent in and individual... watch video
  • Make your golf training very specific by hitting one ball to a specific target in game like conditions rather than twenty random balls... watch video
  • When practicing your short game play specific shots around the green that you would normally face, keeping score as if you were actually on the course... watch video
  • Modern golf training techniques were introduced to the sport by Greg Norman who was the first to treat golf like an athletic sport... watch video
  • Feel and sense the weight of your swing, especially with your wedges... watch video
  • Your brain is a self regulatory muscle that expends tremendous metabollic energy so use your brain sparingly when needed and rest it in between use, just like you do not overwork your other muscles... watch video
  • Use your negative emotions to fuel positive strategies and swing thoughts... watch video
  • Before a tournament practice by hitting shots you would most commonly face on the course, perhaps even play with just your wedges and putter... watch video
  • Make your practice more difficult than what you would normally experience on the golf course... watch video
  • Set specific goals in practice to gain confidence and experience success... watch video
  • Keeping your heart rate and stress slowed down improves your performance under pressure so learn how to use your breathing and even a monitor to control your heart rate... watch video
  • Do not fool yourself into thinking you are better than you are because you hit a few good shots under ideal conditions... watch video
  • Train to hit the ball further by swinging something light like a shaft as opposed to a heavy weight, this will help increase your swing speed... watch video
  • Preparing yourself prior to your round should be much like a pitcher or quarterback preparing for a game... watch video
  • Play golf like any other sports, concentrate and expend your mental energy in short bursts around each shot... watch video
  • The greatest players in golf, as well as every endeavor, is that they all have a rage to master the sport, compete and win... watch video
  • Train in game like conditions to prepare for pressure... watch video
  • Train under circumstances that exaggerate the stress you would normally feel on the golf course, hit off of bad lies on the range, practice when it is windy and inoculate yourself against stress... watch video
  • People who set records and have great careers have common traits that makes them experts in their field... watch video
  • Sam Sneed never watched Ben Hogan hit a golf shot because Hogan's swing was so different that he correctly knew that his mirror neurons would cause his swing to change... watch video
  • Nutritional and neuroscience research has added considerably to our understanding of our physical performance, have an eating strategy prior to and during your round... watch video
  • Under pressure keep it simple and do what you know how to do... watch video
  • Let the mind envision what it wants the body to do... watch video
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