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Golf Videos by Hank Haney
  • Use a steeper swing with a slightly open clubface, but make sure you get back on the fairway... watch video
  • Try these two new ways to hit this difficult shot with some spin for control... watch video
  • Tilt your body with the slope and take more club... watch video
  • Putting is a lot of personal preference but follow these general guidelines as a basis for your set up... watch video
  • Level your body to the slope, swing on the plane of the slope and turn your body through... watch video
  • Keep the ball low by taking more club, choking up, swinging softer and finishing low... watch video
  • Vary the openness of your stance and clubface to control distance out of the bunker... watch video
  • Every swing has an up and down component and an around component... watch video
  • Cock your wrist up (not back), swing your arms back, turn your shoulders and rotate your forearms... watch video
  • The only way to have a proper impact position is if the back of your left hand is square to the target at impact... watch video
  • Get the right shoulder turn by keeping your head up at address... watch video
  • Use a firm wristed stroke, ball back in your stance, weight forward and minimum amount of air... watch video
  • Hit this similar to a sand shot with an open face, steep backswing but not much of a follow through... watch video
  • When just off the green try your 3-wood to get a little air and a lot of roll... watch video
  • Use a club that will allow you to land the ball in a consistent spot on the green and roll to the hole... watch video
  • Rotate around your axis and maintain the same posture throughout your swing in order to pivot properly... watch video
  • Keep the triangle formed by your hands, arms and shoulders in the center of your body and let the club dictate where it lies... watch video
  • Keep the club further out in front of you in the backswing and downswing to allow your body to turn through during the swing... watch video
  • Analyze your ball’s flight to determine if you have the correct swing plane... watch video
  • Distance is the most important part of putting and the optimum speed is 17 inches past the hole... watch video
  • Adjust your posture to compensate for the slope... watch video
  • Bend at the hips, not the knees, and swing the club more up and down... watch video
  • Use an open faced 8 iron and blast it out like a normal sand shot... watch video
  • Swing along your stance line with an open club face and ball forward... watch video
  • Square the clubface, pick the club up quickly and dig under the ball with a steep approach angle... watch video
  • Play the ball forward, use more arms and hands and try former U.S. Amateur Champion Hank Kuehne's trick for selecting the right club... watch video
  • Play the ball back, aim right, close your clubface and swing inside out... watch video
  • To stop shots quickly on the green widen your stance, stand further from the ball and lower your hands... watch video
  • Open your clubface, aim left and swing outside in... watch video
  • If your divot is pointing straight and your ball is going right or left then your shots are off target because your clubface is opened or closed at impact... watch video
  • Use your sand wedge, open (do not bend) your right wrist on the backswing and let the club slide underneath the ball... watch video
  • Waggling loosens your arms, paces your swing and helps practice swinging the club on the correct plane... watch video
  • Take a lower lofted club, play the ball back in your stance and choke down... watch video
  • Practicing at the range with a mid iron, not your driver, and if you have too steep a swing plane, practice off a tee... watch video
  • Use two clubs positioned parallel to your target line to first align your body and then determine the correct place to aim... watch video
  • Imagine pouring a bucket of water on the green and where it would flow is the break... watch video
  • Fat shots are caused by either too steep a plane (slicers) or to shallow an swing (hookers)... watch video
  • Thin/Topped shots are not caused by picking your head up but rather lifting your entire body, concentrate on keeping the same posture throughout the swing... watch video
  • Keep your eyes level to the ground to eliminate the reverse pivot... watch video
  • Your arms should stay in the same relationship to your body throughout the entire golf swing... watch video
  • Ideally your left arm, wrist and clubface should be on the same plane at the top of the swing... watch video
  • Open the club face at set up and during your backswing and turn your body slightly through impact... watch video
  • Find out Hank Haney`s philosophy of teaching golf by analyzing your ball flight... watch video
  • On tight driving holes a 3-wood may be a better play than a driver... watch video
  • The whole golf swing is action and reaction, so how you set up to the golf ball determines how you will swing the golf club... watch video
  • Take your club back at a steeper angle to create a descending blow... watch video
  • Taking practice swings holding the club at waist lever, allowing yourself to feel the rotation of your shoulders, arms and the clubface... watch video
  • Every golfers grip should be unique but there are several fundamentals that must be followed in order to hit the ball straight... watch video
  • Use a 7 iron instead of sand wedge to keep the ball low and roll to the green... watch video
  • The first move down should be a transfer of your weight to your front leg from the ground up as the lower body leads the upper body... watch video
  • When you have a clear path to the green from 40 yards try chipping the ball on the ground rather than pitching it in the air... watch video
  • Tee it up on the same side as the trouble... watch video


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