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Melbourne, Australia

Ramsay McMaster

Dennis McDade


I would like to take this opportunity to thank GolfLink for inviting me into their excellent organization as their Golf Fitness Consultant.

I was approached by GolfLink as a result of my extensive work with golfers of all standards around the world. The information I will be providing is comprised from a database of over 4,000 golfers which I have assessed personally. My aim is to provide golf specific knowledge to GolfLink Members, and my objective is to move away from generic & general fitness and move towards "Golf Specific Fitness" and injury prevention. We will cover some of the common golf topics on a regular basis:

Back Pain & Golf;
Elbow Injuries & Golf;
Golf Fitness for Senior Golfers;
How to commence a Golf Specific Fitness Program;
How to warm up correctly prior to a round of Golf;
Pilates based golf exercises, 6 good stretches for golfers;
and much more.

As you will see from my bio I have dedicated my professional life to the health and well being of golfers. We hope to give you some great practical advice to not only improve your physical performance but also allow you to play without pain. In achieving this, we will also hopefully prolong your longevity on the golf course so you can shoot 90 at 90 and beyond.

We will be organizing "Golf Fitness Workshops" from our world class presenters to allow you to enjoy and learn about the many other factors (mental, physical, emotional & strategic techniques) that improve your golf game.

I hope you enjoy the Golf Specific information that has been accepted & implemented in Asia, Australia and Europe and will now be available to you by GolfLink.


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