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Benefits and Objectives of the Seminars
The seminar objectives are:

To give a simple yet practical understanding of the fundamentals of the golf swing and also how poor swing technique and swing misconceptions cause injury.

How to conduct a golf specific assessment on club and elite golfers using the take home golf profiling system.

Correct and simple use of video within your clinic "Training your eyes not just your hands" and using video in a simple way as a simple tool as well as assessing and analysing golfers.

How to integrate golf drills with the latest in original golf specific exercise prescription produced in Australia.

How to set up a Golf Fitness System within your clinic with minimal expense all presented within the 2 days.

How to target golfers with injuries including seniors, ladies, juniors, elite amateurs and professionals.

Taking golfers through a step by step process of rehabilitation progressing on to performance enhancement using case histories.

To introduce the Golfer Under Repair programme.

The Benefits to the physical therapist, the sports trainer and physiologist:

To provide an economical and unique alternative to franchising.

To give new and refreshing information on the subject of golf injuries and golf biomechanics.

User-friendly information in a practical environment.

To show how an individual can market themselves in the golf community and target golf group within locality of their practice.

To learn more about "Get Fit For Golf", the instructors, other educational materials available through the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic, you can visit www.golfmed.net.

For a complete Seminar Agenda click here.

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"2-Hour Recovery & Training" Sessions
Exclusively with Ramsay McMaster at your office, gym or at home

These sessions are to set up to alleviate the aches and pains of travelling and playing golf and prolonging pain free golf on course.

They are also set up to replenish the body for the next day's competition in order that you can maximise your performance and to reduce the incidence of fatigue, tightness and stiffness in your body. These sessions can be spilt into hourly sessions with friend or companion.

There is a menu of services that you can choose from in this session:

Golf specific Physiotherapy
Golf Specific Deep Massage
Golf Specific Relaxation Massage
Stretching and Postural Program
Golf Specific Gym Session
Back and Neck Care Session

We come to you either your at your office, gym or at house. The two hour session can be split between two people. We accept Visa/Master Card / Bankcard or Bank Draft in advance. Cancellation fee is $200 but it can be transferred to someone else.

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Get Fit for Golf Package & Experience
Takes at least 2/3 hours Consultation at your home, office or gym

Full postural and muscle imbalance assessment:
To outline postural problems and muscle imbalance that effect good swing mechanics and can lead to injury & the inability to play.

Video Analysis and takeaway DVD or video:
Take the DVD/ Video to your coach/therapist/trainer when you get home. It will also show you positive changes that the golf specific exercises have on your body This will really show you how "body breakdowns" affect your swing bio-mechanics.

A golf fitness gym kit & manual:[Worth 125 Dollars]
All golfers participating will receive a posture bar & spikey ball as a well as a personalised fitness manual with exercises prescribed for your body and your golf swing. The kit contains travel strategies, How to work out correctly in the gym as a golfer, how to combat tension and fatigue on the golf course and travel and competition self help strategies.

The "Club Golfer CD,Training For Golf,Body And Golf Get Fit for Golf CD [worth 450 Dollars]:
This will give you a print out of the CDs to follow and give you a strong pathway to explain how you train as a golfer warm up as a golfer and back and neck pain management as you get older.

A golf specific exercise program:
This will be very specific to your body and your golf swing. All exercises are uniquely specific to golf and printed out to insert into your golf manual.

Any advice you want to ask:
This includes gym workouts for golfers and injuries that may be inhibiting your golf swing and golf participation.

Limited spaces, early bookings are necessary to avoid disappointment. We accept Visa/Master Card / Bankcard or Bank Draft in advance.

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