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To better improve your strength and conditioning on the golf course I have created my personal newsletter full of informative tips and information on how to play your best golf.

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Is The Gym Hurting Your Golf Game? (Acrobat PDF file) - Golfers recognize the importance of getting fit for golf, but going to the gym requires that you focus on the correct muscles to train specifically for golf.

Using Your Golf Muscles (Acrobat PDF file) - The great majority of golfers user the wrong muscle groups and poor technique when they are within the gym environment.

Back Pain Management (Acrobat PDF file) - Managing your back can help prolong your golf career, so take time to understand how the golf swing effects your spine.

Golf Specific Rehabilitation (Acrobat PDF file) - With greatest percentage of golfers being over the age of 40 it is important to focus on rehabilitation specifically aimed at improving the performace of older golfers.

Showing Some Spine (Acrobat PDF file) - Lateral or horizontal deviations in your spine result in your spine's inability to rotate properly. Look at the following limitations and see if they apply to your swing.

Golfers As Athletes (Acrobat PDF file) - The old pot-bellied stereotype of the golfer is gone, and Australians like Ramsay McMaster are leading the physiological transformation of the sport so that now the club golfer can reap the benefits of what the Tour Pros are doing.

Body Type Evaluation (Acrobat PDF file) - The vast majority of club golfers are physically inhibited from making a proper swing, but the proper "golf specific" excercises for your condition will keep you playing better, more consistent and longer in life. See which category you fit in to.

Starting A Golf Fitness Program (Acrobat PDF file) - Golfers are finally becoming more aware of the importance that a fitness program has on their golf game. Ramsay suggests using a periodisation program as an easy way to start you road to an improved golf game through pysical fitness.

7 Minute Workout (3 of 3) (Acrobat PDF file) - A perfect pre-golf warm up to get you going on the course in only 7 minutes. Start on your road to physical well being and a better golf swing with Ramsay's 7 Minute Workout using the pricipals of sequencing.

7 Deadly Sins of A Golf Warm Up (2 of 3) (Acrobat PDF file) - It is bad enough that many golfers do not focus on their physical fitness as it relates to their golf game, but making matters worse, many golfers commit one or more of the 7 Deadly Sins prior to golfing.

Sequencing Your 7 Minute Workout - Benefits & Effects (1 of 3) (Acrobat PDF file) - Ramsay outlines the purpose of a proper warm up, the six steps to a proper golf warm up sequence, and the benefits of sequencing.

Cure Your Golf Elbow (Acrobat PDF file) - Everyone has seen golfers with tennis elbow braces on their arms. Many golfers suffer from tennis elbow, not golf elbow. Ramsay outlines what causes this injury and how to check your swing and body to see if you are sufferning from tennis elbow.

Finding Balance - Ramsay McMaster speaks about his techniques for finding the perfect balance between your golf swing and physical fitness.

Getting Fit For Golf (Acrobat PDF file) - Ramsay McMaster explains why strength and conditioning is so critical to the golf swing. Take the self test to see where you stand and then try some of these golf specific exercises.


May 2006 - Volume 8 (Acrobat PDF file)

April 2005 - Volume 6 (Acrobat PDF file)

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Ben Hogan Golf Swing Drill Making mini swings with your elbows glued to your body will give you the correct sensation of the large torso muscles swinging the club, not the arms
Build Your Golf Setup Like the Pros You might not have time to practice as much as a professional but you can have their set up in a matter of minutes, concentrate on keeping your upper body balanced on top of your lower body with your arms centered and not ahead of the ball
A Simple Drill to Get Better at Lag Putting On long putts practice lag putting to a three foot radius surrounding the hole