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Keep in mind that golf is a game like all games should be fun. If you enjoy golf and want to improve Jack take an inventory.

  • Check your equipment and make sure it fits you.
  • Take a few lessons from a qualified PGA instructor and ask his honest opinions of where you are and what you must do to improve and hopefully a few good drills to help you get there.
  • Set a program for yourself that includes practice without a ball (at home), practice on the range, and on course play.
  • Be patient but keep charting your progress.
  • Study by watching yourself, watching two players and other good examples and by reading but do not let yourself become a "swing freak" instead become a player The following are a few statements of what I believe it takes to become a better golfer.

Have A Strong Short Game:
Over 60% of all golf shots in a typical round are played within 60 yards of the green-short shots should be a small version of your full swing.

Understand that you are playing the greatest game ever invented. That golf is challenging and takes time to learn. It is called the game of a lifetime not only because you can play it as a child until you run out of life but because you never exhaust it must keep on learning to really enjoy it. Every improvement takes time out that time is well spent if you work at it properly.

All golfers are a product of four main things:

  1. Their physical talent: some of us are better athletes than others.
  2. Technique: the fundamentals you have built your game around…Make sure these are sound and fit together well with your body.
  3. Time: The time you can or are willing to spend pursuing this great game.
  4. I call it the X Factor: Not the same one as JimMcLean…but what is inside of you. Some are able to get more out of a given situation. Some want the ball for the final shot & others would rather pass the ball. Desire is another name for the X Factor. How bad do you want to succeed and how hard will you work fir this success.

Talent is a God given trait! It’s in your genes. But you can get in better physical & mental condition to enhance your talent. You can train yourself if you are patient. Even among the tour player’s talent varies but on any day or given week less talented players beat the great ones.

Techniques… you can improve your mechanics. Here we would like to keep what is useful and replace the parts that don’t fit. Spend much of your practices time on the ability to strike the ball well. Study, look at yourself, get some help and apply the elbow grease.

Time…Is always limited. Here are only 24 hours a day. We work, sleep, perform our family duties and maybe have time for golf. Use your time wisely. At some time in their lives all excellent players spent a lot time perfecting their games. Use your time wisely and how you use it should vary depending on where you are in the game. But in the end…you must practice your full swing, short game, playing skills, mental practice and some competition. It is really interesting how much more time for golf a very busy person finds as their game improves!

X-Factor or Desire or your ability to perform…Many people have this but it is hard to find. It may be hidden deep inside. It is kind of interesting that many times as a person gets physically & mentally right, has the fundamentals fitting together and the ball flying true, they keep finding the time for golf and more often than not can pull on those forces inside to succeed.

The best thing in the world of golf is having your golf ball do exactly what you want it to do. The second best thing is knowing at least what it is not going to do. You can play a fade or hook if it fades every time!

Have good fundamentals
I divide these into Pre-Swing & In Swing fundamentals. Pre-swing is usually the dull stuff but I might add the dull stuff that most all the rest is built on. These fundamentals must fit together and must fit your body. This is the kind of things that we can discuss together over the web using GolfSpan.com.

Shot decision, club choice, target, grip, aim, posture, ball position, stance width, measurement & balance. All of these through training can be incorporated into a pre-shot routine that can orderly and eventually unconscious for the most part and can take no more than 15 seconds and should be no more difficult than one-two-three. Learn-it, do-it, make-it a habit and it will serve you well.

Here, develop a good swing motion Jack. Learn to control this motion then shape this motion into a repeating golf swing. You should be trying to swing the club along the line of play. Your swing should be circular in shape, on the correct angle (plane), bottom out just past the ball and necessarily balanced and repeatable. If you do this you can just put the ball in the way. Good players never hit to the ball-the always swing through the ball & all the way to the finish, learn to build energy, conserve energy and then deliver or release the energy through the ball!

Playing Golf
Golf is a game and should be fun! Playing golf well is nothing more but getting the most (best Score) out of your swing as it exists each and every day. That is the challenge. It pits you against the course, the conditions, the competition but mostly yourself. You want to beat the course and the conditions and the competition but never yourself. You must live with yourself and get the most possible from your game.

So there it is…learn to swing…learn to strike…learn to play short…and dream to play golf.


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