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You might idly drop into conversation that you are having a round with 'Steve,' Bann that is. Or quietly share a tip from your group's private clinic or drop off an invitation to play with Dale Lynch at your forthcoming corporate event. Whichever, you will raise eyebrows.

And little wonder. You've joined a lineup including Stuart Appleby, Robert Allenby, Aaron Baddeley, Stephen Allen, Mark Allen, Richard Green, Scot Laycock and Craig Spence, all of whom are coached by Steven and Dale (so the exercise won't hurt your swing either).

Corporate golf programs are an excellent opportunity to provide your friends, companies and clients, golf tuition combined with corporate entertaining. Bann Lynch Golf's latest menu of options includes private and group tuition for players of all standards and are packaged precisely to suit the purpose. As in the game, flexibility rules.

Most remarkable is the price tag. For example, starting at $23.50 per person for groups of ten or more. All prices are inclusive of bay hire, clubs and the use of Bann Lynch Golf's specialized teaching equipment.

Melbourne Golf Academy is an impressive 5 star venue with a clubhouse atmosphere. A terraced private function room accommodating up to 50 guests overlooks the 12 hole putting green and full catering is available.


5 Week Program
Includes all the component necessary to get you out and playing. In addition to technical tuition on the swing, we cover topics such as the basic rules, course etiquette and conclude with an on-course playing lesson. This program can be adapted for the Intermediate or Advanced player.

Targeted Golf School
Offer the highest quality golf tuition available. You will enjoy a comprehensive session of three and a half hours' duration and your instructor will be one of our renowned principal or senior coaches who will share his knowledge on your choice of the following key areas of the game.

Your program can include:
The Short Game
On-Course Strategy
Practicing Mental Skills
The Full Swing
Introduction to high performance training
Physical Preparation

2 Hour Golf School
Provides comprehensive group instruction and practice on both the short game and full swing.

Corporate Day Preparation
Designed to ensure you play your best those 'Corporate Days.' The program includes an individual one hour lesson, a group short game clinic followed by an 18 hole playing lesson with the teaching professional to discuss topics such as course strategy, mental and physical preparation, the ability to manage play under pressure and physical fitness.

Mental Skills
A comprehensive seminar presented by Mr. Patrick Farrell. For more details and rates please contact us.

Mini Golf Lessons
Mini golf clinics are a great way to have fun in a corporate environment. They can be conducted on your premises or other indoor or outdoor locations.

Day Participation
Our professional coaches have a number of ideas to help make your Corporate Golf Day a complete success.

Public Speaking
Either Steven Bann or Dale Lynch gives your clients an insight into what makes a champion golfer. They can entertain with video footage, analysis of the swings of leading tournament professionals, descriptions of their preparations for major golf tournaments and anecdotes of what really goes on inside the world's golf tours.

Group Playing Lesson
Your key clients would surely appreciate expanding their golf knowledge by playing 18 holes alongside a professional and discussing such topics as course strategy, mental and physical preparation as well as their own individual concerns. This is perfect for those golfers who hit the ball well but are having difficulty reflecting this in their score.

Special Events
Whether you are looking to entertain your clients or simply provide an activity for staff or colleagues, Bann Lynch Golf appreciates the importance of being able to design each aspect of your event to meet your own objectives, style and budget.

For this reason we are delighted to offer the services of Glenda McDade at no additional cost to you, who will be happy to discuss your requirements and create a program including tuition and/or catering to suit.

Glenda has over ten years experience as an Event Manager and 5 Star Hotels and Golf Resorts, and is committed to providing a memorable event for you and your guests. She will be happy to provide more detailed information on any or all of the corporate golf packages or any other requirement you may have.

Custom Events
Not sure what you would like to do with your corporate outing? Just drop us a line and we can help you put together a custom corporate outing that will leave everyone who attends with a positive impression of you and your company. No project or endeavor is to large or complicated for us, we will work hand in hand with you to make sure your ideas come to life.


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