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Presently Ty Andersen serves as Director of Instruction at The Ty Andersen Golf Academy at Highland Oaks Golf Course on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Dothan, Alabama. A golf professional for the last 15 years, Ty is rapidly establishing himself as one of the top instructors in the country. He has been named one of the Top 50 Kids Teachers in the United States by the US Kids Golf Company. Don't let that teaching kids fool you as his students will attest and Ty himself will tell you his working with the kids has made him a better instructor when working with adults and he works with plenty of adults.

As a teaching professional, Ty is truly dedicated to growing the game of golf. He has developed seven (7) different programs that are currently registered with the PGA of America as Play Golf America initiatives and he is constantly being contacted by his peers from around the country about his programs. Over the past 2 years alone, in addition to being named one of the Top 50 Kids Teachers, he has been nominated for Teacher of the Year and selected as Junior Leader of the Year for the South Florida PGA. He also became the first winner of the PGA Presidents Plaque Award for the South Florida PGA and has been appointed to the PGA Presidents Growth of the Game Council. At this past years PGA Merchandise Show he was asked by PGA Officials to participate in the first ever PGA Chalet and share his Play Golf America Programs with other professionals who attended the Show from all over the world. As a PGA Member and golf instructor his star is rising fast, but for you to understand just who Ty Andersen is it is real important that you know where he came from.

Born and raised just North of Boston (GO RED SOX), he graduated with a Marketing Degree from Boston College, courtesy of an ice hockey scholarship. Upon graduating from BC he was drafted, not by the NHL, but by Uncle Sam Viet Nam was hot and heavy at the time. As a result he enlisted in the USAF and found himself serving his country for the next 23 years. While in the service he obtained his commission and was assigned to 18 different command, management and supervisory positions needless to say he had plenty tough assignments loaded with lots of responsibility. He obtained a Masters Degree in Business from Central Michigan University and also earned the equivalent of a second Masters in Military Education while attending the Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB, in Alabama. He considers himself very fortunate to have retired as a Lieutenant Colonel he was a non-rated (non-flyer) in a rated (flying) business where less than 7% of the officers in his career field ever made Light Colonel. It was in the USAF that he took up and fell in love with the game of golf. When it came time to retire from the service it was a no brainer he set his sights on becoming a PGA Member but his ultimate goal was to become a teaching golf professional.

When Ty sets a goal he goes after it he obtained his PGA Membership in record time while finishing in the Top 5% at all 3 Business Schools he was required to attend as part of his PGA Apprenticeship that is just the way he does things. After serving as an assistant for several years and learning the business at some of the most prestigious golf clubs in both Florida and Ohio, Ty was given the opportunity in 1999 to become the General Manager/Director of Golf at Little Thunder Golf Course in Madison, Ohio. At the time, Little Thunder was the first 18-hole championship caliber golf course built in the United States specifically for kids. It was at Little Thunder that Ty first learned how to work with kids and was invited to attend and participate at the World Golf Foundations Annual Golf 20/20 Conference. Golf 20/20 is where golf industry leaders gather each year in an effort to identify ways to help grow the game of golf. After attending Golf 20/20 for 3 years, Ty knew what he needed and wanted to do in 2002 he left Little Thunder determined to do his part to help grow the game of golf and the best way he knew how to do that was by TEACHING.

Within the last 5 years, Ty has established separate teaching businesses in 4 different states, Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, and now Alabama. Ty is avid reader, who regularly attends PGA National or Section Teaching and Coaching Summits/Conferences he goes to see what the big boys are preaching and to learn. With that said, Ty is a self taught teacher who believes that too many teachers have complicated the golf swing, and unfortunately, some are better communicators than others. To Ty, the golf swing is fairly simple. If you watch a golf swing analyzed on TV, you see them stop the swing in 4 positions, at address, the top of the backswing, impact, and finally the follow through or finish. Ty feels that if he can get anyone into these 4 positions, it will become THEIR golf swing and then it becomes nothing more than a motor skill. If someone comes to him for a lesson and does not have any physical problems that would prevent them from turning or twisting they are usually pleasantly surprised at how quickly he is able to help them get them into the 4 positions. If someone does have any kind of physical limitations they work around them. He gives each one of his students specific drills, he calls it their homework then, it becomes their responsibility to do the drills OVER AND OVER again until they achieve what they are trying to accomplish. You will also hear Ty say that the full swing is the hardest thing that anyone will ever have to do when it comes to the short game; putting, chipping, pitching and sand that’s easy, nothing but the right techniques and a little practice and you are on your way to lowering your scores.

As one views his videos, the first thing that will become evident is how simple and easy to understand Ty’s teaching methods are and what really comes across is that he never assumes anything with his students. How effective is Ty as a teacher he is proud to say that 99% of his business comes to him on referrals just the way he wants it, and whenever he has gone to another location to start a new business it doesn’t take long for his lesson book to fill up. Ty Andersen has been teaching full time for only 5 years, his business has sky-rocketed and his reputation continues to grow. If you would like Ty to help you he can be reached at 239-272-7086 or at TyPgaPro(at)aol.com. In the meantime enjoy the videos.

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