Bunker Shots Made Easy

By Patrick Foley

Entering a bunker can be a nerve-racking experience for many golfers, but it is no more than another shot. There are a few tips to getting out of the sand and putting yourself into scoring position. Sand is just another playable surface in golf. With proper technique, it is a breeze to get out of it.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
It is important to open your stance because you will also be opening the club face to compensate and give yourself increased loft. Open the stance about 45 degrees from parallel to the ball.
Step 2
Opening the club face will give you proper loft on the club and help you to get the ball out of the sand. Also by opening the club face, it will let the bounce of the club push the sand and the ball up and out of the bunker. If the club face is closed, there is a much higher chance of a mishit. Open the club face and make a strong swing into the sand.
Step 3
It is imperative when hitting a sand shot to hit the sand before the ball. On a good bunker shot, you will hit the sand first and push through it. Then the sand will propel the ball out of the trap. This also gives the ball a softer landing upon contact with the green.
Step 4
It is extremely important to just get out of the sand. When hitting out of the sand, pick a target area to try to land it in the area. First and foremost, just get the ball out of the sand.

About The Author

Patrick Foley is a writer from Phoenix, AZ. He is a sports fanatic and loves football, golf, and track. He has been writing for Golf Link for almost a year. He is a college football player at the University of Pennsylvania. He is enrolled in the Wharton Business School.He has have a wide set of skills in writing and marketing.


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