How to Choose a Golf Club Iron Cover

By Herm Otto

You have invested in a fine set of irons and would like to protect the clubheads from damage with a set of iron covers. What type should you choose?


Difficulty: Easy
Step 1
Determine the type of clubheads that your irons are. If they are oversize heads, you must be sure that the iron covers are sized large enough to fit oversize clubheads.
Step 2
Purchase a full set of iron covers. It will normally consist of nine covers, including seven irons (3 to 9) marked 3 to 9 and two wedges (pitching and sand) marked PW and SW. Be sure the covers are imprinted with these marks because the cover will hide the designations engraved in the clubheads.
Step 3
Select a set that has matching undesignated covers available for long irons and other wedges, if you carry those additional clubs. Long iron and wedge covers are different from each other because of the extreme difference in clubhead lofts.
Step 4
Select snug-fitting covers that are removable with little effort. If the covers are too loose, they will fall off when the golf bag is carried. If they are too tight, your play is slowed while you struggle to take the cover off and put it back on before and after the iron shot.
Step 5
Select covers made of a durable, flexible material (such as rubber). Plastic (PVC) covers can become brittle under the sun and crack. Cloth covers where out in no time. Leather is pricey.
Step 6
Select covers that are of a color that matches or complements your golf bag and wood head-covers. Black is the most common color because it is neutral.

Tips & Warnings

Retain the manufacturer contact information for ordering individual replacement iron covers in case you lose any. This will ensure your ability to replace covers with matching covers.

About The Author

Herm Otto is an architect and was a university instructor for over 25 years. He is also an avid golfer who began golfing 10 years ago. As a Demand Studios writer, Otto writes golf and travel articles for GolfLink. He now resides in Arizona.


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