How to Dress Appropriately to Play Golf

By Jodi Kendall

Golf is a sport seeped in rich tradition. Dressing appropriately for the game is not only required by most golf courses, but enables a golfer to appear professional and presentable when playing with clients, friends and family members. Follow the easy steps below to master golf apparel etiquette.


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Step 1
Check the weather report. Once a date for play has been determined, investigate the weather conditions to tweak your golf apparel appropriately. Excessive sunshine warrants a hat or sunglasses, while cooler morning temperatures require layered dressing to ensure comfort and top-notch game performance.
Step 2
Wear a collared shirt. Often deemed "polos" or "golf shirts," collared tees are part of a classic golf game ensemble. Be open to bright colors and patterns that are highly popular in golf and often displayed by fashionable PGA player, Ian Poulter. Ensure that the shirt is tucked in at all times.
Step 3
Dress your bottom half in clothes made for golf. Never wear denim, cut-offs or gym clothes to a course. Instead, choose a pair of high-quality khaki pants, bermudas or shorts that were designed with the game in mind (therefore, never too short). Apparel should be breathable and ironed and have a nice, neat belt. Feel free to don pastel shades and bright colors, as golf welcomes fashionable ensembles.
Step 4
Embrace layers. During cooler months and early tee times, golfers are often seen wearing layered sweater vests over a collared shirt. Popular patterns include cable knit, herringbone and argyle. Additionally, they are easy to peel off as the sun warms the air. For rainy or extremely cold days, layer in a heavier classic windbreaker or golf-designed coat.
Step 5
Wear appropriate golf shoes. Consider high-quality golf shoe brands, such as Footjoy. Don a style with soft spikes and toss a pair of loafers in your locker for a post-game lunch. Be sure to pair dark socks with black or gray shoes and light-colored socks with white, khaki or pale-hued styles.
Step 6
Protect your skin. Wear waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF and always bring a hat or sunglasses for eye protection (even if it is cloudy outside). In addition to being fashionable and functional, your improved visibility will help keep your game at its best.

Tips & Warnings

When in doubt, peruse golf magazines and websites and try to emulate their styles. While golf gloves are not required for appropriate apparel, they may improve your game.
When in doubt, peruse golf magazines and websites and try to emulate their styles.
While golf gloves are not required for appropriate apparel, they may improve your game.
Denim apparel is often outlawed from golf courses. Dress appropriately to avoid the embarrassment of strict enforcement.

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