How to Add Timing and Weight Shift in Your Golf Swing

By Marc Jenkins

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Understanding a golf swing is as simple as understanding common rules of physics; the science of nature and the laws of motion. An ideal golf swing is similar to combining a baseball swing with dancing; having keen hand-eye coordination with effortless, synchronized movement. It is the combination of timing and weight shift that likens a golf swing to these entities.

The object of any and every golfer, whether they are a professional on the Tour or just a weekend warrior, is to consistently improve both their weight shift and timing within their swing. This piece will provide some simple, but helpful tips and hints on how to add timing and weight shift to your golf swing.


Difficulty: Moderate
  1. Focus and understand that timing is the most important factor in a repetitively successful golf swing. Once you do that, then it will seem easier to concentrate on what you know you must do: Hit a good shot.
  2. You must perform continuous golf exercises and display good golf fitness to improve your timing. Just as in every other sport, there are specific exercises a golfer can perform that will improve timing (stationary swinging with a medicine ball, arm and leg extensions and full swing drills with special fitness tubing).
  3. Training and constant repetition are the most crucial parts of improving your golf swing timing. As with anything anyone does in life, the more they do it, the better they get at it, and when it comes to golf, that statement is never more accurate.
  4. While completely aligned with your target, get into a comfortable stance with your backside out. This will allow your upper body to be completely free and able to correctly rotate through the golf swing path.
  5. Calmly focus on the target you're attempting to hit and take a smooth, slow approach at the ball so you can maintain the same nice tempo. If you can accomplish this, then the ball will fly through the air more effortlessly and glide the distance which you desire.
  6. To relax while staying in the same rhythm, don't think about the swing at hand; instead, sing, hum or imagine a song you enjoy that is peaceful and calming. Sports and music go hand in hand in pressure situations on the golf course or any other athletic arena.